Do you suffer from severe dental pain, a broken filling or something else that doesn’t feel quite right in your mouth? Oh no, poor thing, we know what it’s like to be in pain. It sounds as though you need to get an urgent dentist appointment in Malmö! Estetikcentrum is the clinic for you if you wish to receive acute dental care, be seen quickly and with a personal greeting and extra care.

We know that it can be a challenge to find an appointment just when you need it in the general dental care sector, and that can be frustrating when you’re experiencing urgent discomfort or pain in your mouth. We are a private clinic and can therefore adapt our bookings in a much more flexible and simple way. We strive to be able to give you the service that you need, when you need it. Our certified and skilled dentists at Estetikcentrum offer acute dental care in Malmö in order to help you as fast as possible.

You are wholeheartedly invited to contact us by e-mail, phone or by visiting us at our reception and we’ll discuss your discomfort and make sure that it’s resolved quickly. At our clinic your wellbeing is always our primary focus, and you can expect to be met in the best possible way and with a big smile.

What problems can I receive help with through acute dental care?

One of the skilled on-call dentists at Estetikcentrum in Malmö will receive you and assess your dental situation. We are here to listen and to be the support that you need when there’s pain in your mouth and your everyday life suffers because of it. Our goal as dentists providing acute dental care in Malmö is to soften your discomfort as quickly as we can and then book you for further care if it’s needed. Just because it’s fast it doesn’t mean that we stress through the treatment though. At Estetikcentrum, you as our patient always come first. Our dentists always take the time to listen and chat if you are in the mood for that. We want you to feel safe and satisfied, regardless of what acute problem caused you to come see us.

Common problems that our patients need to find an urgent dentist in Malmö for include toothache or having broken a tooth. Perhaps you’ve lost part of a crown? Is a wisdom tooth acting up? Or did something happen to your prosthetics? Below we explain some of the most common issues in more detail in the hopes that you will feel more at ease with what your particular issue might be. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll find out together what the problem is.

Lists of Acute Dental Care:


Pain and toothache are common issues that often arise due to a disgruntled nerve. There might be a hole in the tooth, an inflammation or the tooth neck might be exposed due to brushing too hard. The reasons may be many, and experiencing dental pain is never fun.

Broken fillings:

A crack in the tooth can occur in several ways, but often it happens to teeth that have in some way been treated before, for example with an amalgam filling. It may, however, also happen when gnawing your teeth or as the result of an accident. Luckily, we can usually save your tooth without having to pull it out. We do not perform any unnecessary treatments and use our expertise to find the best solution.

Problematic wisdom tooth:

A swollen jaw or neck, difficulty opening your mouth, and pain inside your mouth. Do you recognize any of this? Then you might have a wisdom tooth that is acting up. Many patients come to us when their wisdom teeth are on their way out as this sadly leads to discomfort in many cases. How this discomfort manifests itself varies from person to person and therefore it is treated differently based on your symptoms. Our skilled dentists always take wisdom teeth seriously and are happy to check their growth using x-ray. We wish to ensure ourselves that everything is in order, as a poorly growing wisdom tooth can cause serious problems if you’re unlucky. But fear not, with our expertise Acute Dental Care and our relaxed environment to rewind in you are always in great hands.

Regardless of what your problem is we’ll gladly help you. Our experienced dentists will take good care of you and explain what the next step is for you to feel as good as possible. It will be a relief for you to get an answer to what is wrong. We always do our very best for you to leave Estetikcentrum with a smile and a sense of relief!

Good reasons for choosing acute dental care at Estetikcentrum:

At Estetikcentrum we offer aesthetic as well as general dental care in central Malmö. All our treatments are performed by certified dentists, and for this reason we offer broad and extensive experience when you’re looking for urgent or acute dental care in Malmö.

We are a small clinic with a big heart. As our patient you will always be at the center of attention, regardless of what the reason for your visit is. If you need to book an urgent appointment in Malmö, we will gladly make sure that you will be seen as soon as possible and that you will receive first class assistance to make you feel better in no time at all. If there’s something that we’re often praised for at our clinic it is our wonderful staff. It warms our hearts that our efforts, friendly smiles and great level of care reaches our patients and give them an experience beyond the norm. When you visit us, you will be greeted in the best way possible, we’ll make sure of that!

Great opening hours is one of the conditions for us to give you the care of our skilled acute dentists in Malmö exactly when you need it. We are open from 8:30 to 16:30 Monday through Friday and do everything in our power to give you an appointment when you need it. Our ambition regarding easy access for all our patients has led us to be able to offer fast, urgent dental appointments.

Estetikcentrum is in the heat of Malmö, on Studentgatan, just a few minutes’ walk from Gustav Adolfs square. It is easy to reach us regardless of way of transport, something that is of importance to the comfort of our patients. If you’re driving there are good parking facilities nearby, and multiple bus lines are available in our close vicinity. Our facilities are newly renovated, welcoming and fresh. We wish for even an urgent dental visit to feel like a luxurious experience. Everything does feel a little better if the surrounding environment is nice, doesn’t it?

How much does it cost to book an urgent dental appointment in Malmö at your clinic?

We and our dentists are of course associated with Försäkringskassan, and you can use the general financial dental support offered by the state for your acute treatment. This means that you, like in any state clinic, can receive financial dental support for your treatment, as well as a cover against high costs. We offer all the same services that regular dental clinics do, and more! You deserve an experience beyond the norm and that is exactly what you receive if you visit Estetikcentrum. Dental care with a golden touch!

An urgent examination costs 490 kr. and x-ray images cost between 65 and 270 kr. Your dentist can then tell you what treatments are reasonable options and how much those treatments cost.

Dentist fear? We’ll help you

The dentist’s chair should not have to feel like a place of fear. We hope that if you’re sceptical to dental care you’ll experience great relief during and after your visit with us. Our on-call dentists in Malmö are excellent in every conceivable way, even when it comes to helping you when you suffer from serious fear of going to the dentist. We know that it can be scary and anxiety-inducing to seek help when you have such phobia. But at the right speed and with understanding staff at hand the experience actually becomes quite enjoyable. The urgent care dentists at Estetikcentrum in Malmö carry an inner desire to make all our patients feel safe and heard, and thus a great focus is put on listening to you and your needs at each visit. So far, we have been praised and thanked by those who thought that they wouldn’t be able to go through with their visit, and we hope to be able to help you in the same way. It’s worth a shot!

We can also offer our Acute Dental Care using sedatives, laughing gas and treatments under anaesthetic.

Book your appointment today

Are you looking for a dentist who knows what they’re doing and who is thorough? Then look no further. Our vast experience in qualitative dental care ensures that you can always trust the treatment that we provide you with, and that you’ll be able to ask advice regarding anything you might not have been informed about in advance. We wish to be perceived as a clinic where you’ll be genuinely taken care of and where you can feel safe and relaxed even if you’re in pain or experience stress. Going to the dentist will not feel like a struggle if you come to Estetikcentrum. We do our best to make every visit feel like a comfortable treatment and an opportunity to converse with professionals who have a twinkle in the eye.

So take this opportunity to get the help that you need for your troubles as fast as possible. We will do everything in our power to support you. Contact us by phone (040 – 65 66 660) or e-mail if you prefer, so that we can book an appointment for you as soon as possible. We hope that the visit will be appreciated and welcome you wholeheartedly back if you are satisfied with our services and expertise. We look forward to helping you!