While a round and firm buttock is considered as a sign of health and beauty, a wide and flat sagging buttock could cause some women to feel self-conscious. The main causes of this are gravity, genetics, and the aging process. The Brazilian butt lift is one way to reshape the buttocks. In this cosmetic surgery, you enhance the total proportion of your lower body and fat is extracted from problematic areas of the body such as thighs and waist in order to enhance how the buttocks look. The results of this surgery last for years.

Before and After- Brazilian butt lift

Brazilian butt lift surgery is considered as one of the most sought after surgeries in the last few years which involves transferring body fat to the buttocks area. In this reshaping method, excess fat is first removed from areas such as back, lower back and thighs using liposuction. This is good news for patients who wish to get rid of some fat existing in the abdomen and thigh area. The extracted fat is then purified and transferred to the buttocks. This surgery results in a leaner figure and a much more voluptuous and curvy buttock. Through this method, your buttocks have a more natural feel and look rather than silicone implants. Also, because fat from your body is used, the possibility of incompatibility with your body is virtually zero.

Benefits of a Brazilian butt lift

Brazilian butt lift has the lowest chances of risk among other buttock enhancement surgeries. Therefore, your time recovering will be much more pleasant and shorter. According to a research paper by Dr. Thomas Roberts, an American plastic surgeon, a Brazilian butt reshaping surgery has the following characteristic:

  • Low risk
  • Simple
  • Flexible based on size and place of injection
  • Less painful
  • Faster recovery period
  • Lower chances of complications

Reasons why Estetikcentrum is the best place for a Brazilian butt lift

The Brazilian butt reshaping surgery has become one of the world’s favorite cosmetic surgeries since the 80s. Hence, this procedure is performed in countless clinics and that makes it difficult to choose the correct one. Here are a few reasons why our clinic is the best choice for this surgery:

Reducing the chance of infection, even before surgery

There is a chance for infection in any surgery. Even though that happens rarely, it could prolong recovery and leave a permanent scar. We use precise measures to reduce this risk. You are given antibiotics before your surgery in a process called “Antibiotic Prophylaxis”. This simple precaution helps reduce the chances of infection occurring before surgery and during the convalescence period.

A more voluptuous and firmer buttock

Our qualified and skilled surgeons have quite a lot of experience in Brazilian butt lift surgery. In our surgeons’ experience and expertise, the best location to extract fat from is the waist and lower back. Numerous surgeries have proven that by using fat from the waists through liposuction, the buttocks will have a more attractive and curvier look due to those areas having less fat.

Small and precise incisions

At Estetikcentrum, we strive to make the smallest incisions possible in order for you to have a smoother period of convalescence. Therefore, the incisions made during the surgery will be extremely thin and small. In fact, for liposuction we need to make a few incisions on the skin’s natural line or curve that are about 3-4 millimeters. These small incisions are made in the lower back, mid-back and one on each side of the waist. These incisions are later sutured and heal without ever being seen. The fat is then transferred using syringes that make very small holes which can be healed on their own.

Using the latest and most advanced technology in liposuction

At Estetikcentrum, a device called ‘Body Jet’ is used to perform the Brazilian butt lift surgery. This device utilizes a water jet in order for the liposuction process to go smoothly and for the fat to be extracted faster and easier without even damaging the nerves and blood vessels around it. The remaining fat in the part where fat was just extracted from is then spread around so that it doesn’t lump up and it takes a leaner look. This is important because the most common complaint from patients is fat clumping up after liposuction surgery.

No need to wait for fat purification

Our liposuction technology allows us to purify and filter fat in a certain way. In most clinics, in order to transfer fat, it first needs to spin in a centrifuge for the delicate fat cells to detach. Unfortunately, this method damages fat cells and as a result, not a lot of fat remains for use. Additionally, the patient has to wait during all this. But by using the Body-Jet system, fat gets purified instantly as it is accumulated. In this system, gravity, thrust, and vacuum are employed to detach usable fat and this process is much gentler as to preserve healthy fat cells. As a result, not only is there no need to wait, but you will also have healthier fat cells to reshape your buttocks with.

Precision fat transfer, better and long-lasting results:

After obtaining the necessary amount of fat for transferring, this center uses advanced technology which increases the life span of transferred fat cells and gives them a beautiful form. This technique is called “dripping”. In this technique, a small cannula is applied to transfer fat to the buttock. Cannula is a medical tube that is used in liposuction. When the surgeon removes the syringe-like cannula from the body, a line of fat cells remain in place. The dripping technique not only gives the surgeon the option to inject fat in the exact spot that you want, but also it leaves a lasting impression.

Heating the liposuction and injection liquid

One of the unpleasant side effects of most surgeries is feeling extremely cold when waking up almost to the point of shivering. This is because the injected liquid during surgery is colder than your body temperature and therefore the body’s temperature drops and you feel cold. We do everything in our power to keep you warm and comfortable during surgery. To do this, we adjust the liquid’s temperature to body temperature. We even heat the anesthesia which enters the fat in order for it to be extracted easier and also any liquid that enters your body so as to prevent your body temperature from dropping.

Keeping you warm after surgery:

After the Brazilian butt lift surgery is completed, you will be covered with an electric blanket to keep you from shivering. Your comfort and satisfaction from this experience are our top priorities.

Using a nurse practitioner in the recovery room

After the Brazilian butt lift surgery is over, you will be transferred to the recovery room and will rest there until you are ready to go home. Even though you’re unconscious, a nurse practitioner will be by your side during this time to check your vitals and answer all your questions.

Receiving a medical certificate for 2 weeks of rest

Before leaving the center, you will be given a medical certificate for 2 weeks of rest. It is very important that you don’t put much pressure on your buttocks during your recovery time. You even have not to sit for a while because the pressure from the weight of your body could cause the fat to be absorbed and it might lose its symmetrical form. Therefore, if you have a desk job or work in a profession that involves lots of sitting, it’s best not to go to work for a while. Keep in mind that the final result of the Brazilian butt lift surgery depends on your actions. With enough rest, you will achieve better results.

What steps does the Brazilian butt lift procedure include?


The first step is consulting with your surgeon. This session lasts about an hour during which it is evaluated whether the surgery is compatible with you. In this session, the thighs, abdomen, and buttocks are examined and the surgeon determines a suitable point for liposuction. The overall shape of the body is also examined in order to achieve the best and most natural result. In addition to this, you can also talk to your surgeon about the parts that you want to change. In this session, the surgeon will examine your medical history and talk to you about the potential risks involved. There are a few criteria that dictate whether you are a suitable candidate for this surgery. Since the fat used is extracted from your own body, it is necessary that your body has enough fat. Most of the fat is extracted from the sides and back. The fat in these parts helps your buttocks to have a more appealing and curvy look. The most suitable candidates are those who are 10 to 15 Kilograms overweight. After injecting fat into the buttocks, 70% of it is reabsorbed, therefore, 10 to 15 Kilograms of extra fat is needed. the amount of weight exactly remains in your body after convalescence depends on the recovery process. Thus, many patients need more than one surgery to achieve their desired result. In addition to having a necessary amount of fat for the transfer, the buttock needs enough extra space for the fat transfer. If there isn’t enough space, the fat cells are put under pressure and too much pressure causes a lower percentage of the transferred fat to remain in place. In severe cases significant, pressure causes fat tissue to die which would require immediate medical care. Because of this, the first consultation needs to be done completely. Fortunately, the consultation process will be done with the main surgeon and he will answer all your questions. In the consultation session, certain tests are advised which are necessary information regarding your health condition.

Care steps before Brazilian butt lift

It is required that you stop taking medication such as Aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal medicine 2 weeks before surgery. In case you’re a smoker, you need to stop smoking two weeks before the surgery.

Convalescence and essential care steps

The most important order your doctor gives you about your period of convalescence is on how to sit. For at least 3 weeks after your surgery, you cannot sit or sleep on your buttocks. This period is of great importance because during convalescence the fat cell is trying to adapt to the new space. Blood vessels are not able to expand in the transferred fat and lead to fat cell death. Therefore, the desired result cannot be reached. The best method of prevention is putting a cushion or pillow under the thighs to elevate the buttocks and not to sit for more than 10 minutes. Also do not sleep on your stomach or sides. Wearing stretchy clothes during convalescence is very important. These clothes help distribute pressure evenly to places where fat has been removed from and as a result, they take a better form without putting extra pressure on the buttocks. In order to achieve the best possible result follow the surgeon’s instructions word by word. The exact period of convalescence relies on the surgery and your body’s recovery rate but for most people who don’t have desk jobs, they can return to their work after a week. People who have desk jobs might need to wait 3 weeks. Sometimes it takes even longer, but most people are able to return to their usual activities after 4 to 8 weeks. Nevertheless, it is helpful to keep in mind that your recovery is not yet complete even after being able to go back to work.


You have to wait a bit in order to fully enjoy the final results of your Brazilian butt lift surgery. The swelling in the place of surgery goes down after 6 weeks but in order to view the final result, you have to wait 3 to 4 months. Additionally, since people’s bodies and buttocks differ from one another, the results may vary for each patient. In general, you can expect to have a firmer and more attractive buttock. It’s also worth noting that some people need more than one surgery to achieve their desired result. In some rare cases, it is possible for there to be an asymmetry between the buttocks which warrants a second surgery in order to be resolved. Overall, in this technique, extra fat is extracted from other places and the buttock is filled using that fat which results in a rounder and curvier buttock. In this surgical technique, more volume is given to the buttock which gives it a more youthful and attractive look. Our patients tell us that they’re happy with how they look in jeans and dresses.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Brazilian butt lift or buttock augmentation with fat grafting surgery?

This buttock shape and size enhancement is done using fat. Fat is extracted from one or a few sections of the patient’s body through liposuction, purified and later injected into the butt. Technically, this surgery referred to as “Autologous fat transfer to the buttocks” but it is more commonly known as a Brazilian butt lift.

Which is more suitable for me? A butt implant or a Brazilian butt lift?

Choosing one of these two methods depends on your body. It is not possible to recommend either one of these methods or any other method without having a close examination.

What happens if I don’t have enough fat in my body?

In case your body doesn’t have fat then you’re not a suitable candidate for this surgery. It might be best to gain a little weight before you plan to do this surgery or consider an alternative method in order to enhance your buttocks and general shape of your body. There are multiple ways to reshape your buttock which include a vast selection of exercises to surgery. The results achieved through each of these methods will be different.

What are the risks associated with Brazilian butt lift surgery?

Similar to any surgery, a Brazilian buttock enhancement comes with its own risks which you need to be aware of beforehand. The estimated risks of this surgery are low and compared to other buttock augmentation methods is much safer. The risks of this surgery include infection, excess bruising, and asymmetry. The complications mentioned above are low risk and at Estetikcentrum, we strive to prevent such issues by following the highest possible standards. In a few cases, this surgery comes with dangerous risks such as pulmonary fat embolism and deep vein thrombosis.

How long does the result of the surgery last?

This surgery usually yields long-lasting results. Weight loss and aging could, however, affect the result. In case of weight loss after the surgery, it might be possible that you start noticing your buttock has shrunk. But weight loss has different effects on each body; therefore, its round shape might stay intact. Schedule an appointment with us today. If you have any questions regarding the Brazilian butt lift surgery, feel free to call us. We would be eager to answer your questions. So don’t hesitate to call Estetikcentrum for a preliminary consultation. You can book a consultation session with our professionals online. You can also call us at 040 – 65 66 660. We look forward to seeing you at Estetikcentrum beauty clinic. This article is intended to promote understanding of and knowledge about professional plastic surgeries. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your surgeon or other qualified healthcare providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment.