Breast augmentation with body fat

It is becoming increasingly common to enlarge breasts with your own fat, as it is perceived as a more natural method. In addition, the results will be fantastic! By moving your own body fat, you can get a fuller look with more volume, while getting rid of unwanted fat elsewhere on the body. Such breast augmentation is suitable for you who only want a small augmentation or prefer a more natural breast augmentation.


How does a breast augmentation with body fat go?


We at Estetikcentrum are experienced in this type of breast augmentation in Malmö and find many benefits – with the help of your own fat, in addition to enlarging your breasts, you can also get a better symmetry, smooth out irregularities and give them a small lift. Everything is done under anaesthesia, with the help of a fat transplant to the breasts. The fat is taken from places where you have unwanted fat, which means that you get two good things out of the same procedure. You get bigger breasts while you slim a body part and gently sculpt where you think it is needed! A breast augmentation with your own fat is suitable for you who are quite happy with your natural breast size, but above all want to change shape and firmness.


What are the benefits of a fat transplant to the breasts?


A breast augmentation with body fat is much gentler on your body than a regular breast augmentation with implants. You avoid the risks of capsule formation or deformities, and the body will not have to start a healing process with unknown material in the tissues.

The procedure is 100% natural as in such a breast augmentation we transfer your own fat cells from a body part, such as the abdomen, to your breasts. We do this using one of the latest technologies and place the fat cells in your breasts to give you a fuller and more beautiful volume. You will also get significantly smaller scars by enlarging the breasts with your own fat, it leaves only minimal insertion holes which then become significantly invisible. The procedure is also not as painful as an enlargement with implants, you will recover faster and with less risk of complications.


The healing process after a breast augmentation without implants is usually much easier than after a breast operation with implants. You can start working already after a couple of days if you have a regular office job and about a week after the operation if you have a physical job. You can start exercising about 2 to 3 weeks after the breast surgery. The complete end result after a breast augmentation with your own fat comes after about 6 months.


Is there anything that I should think about before the surgery?


What you should keep in mind is that you will not be able to achieve an equally dramatic change if you choose to enlarge your breasts with your own fat compared to inserting breast implants. It will be a more natural and soft result compared to if you chose to insert silicone implants.


A life factor like weight loss can affect the outcome of your breast augmentation in the future, so before you invest in fat transplant to your breast, you should be quite happy with your weight. We say this in good faith so that you can enjoy a sustainable and beautiful result.


The result of a breast augmentation with your own fat is very individual and there are many factors that can affect the result. If you are slim and well-trained person, the surgeon will have less fat to take out which may be optimal for breast augmentation. This is because only about 20-30% of the transplanted fat remains in the body after the healing process. Therefore, repeated fat transplants may sometimes be needed to achieve the desired result.


Why should I do my breast augmentation with my own fat at Estetikcentrum?


First and foremost because we have a long experience in breast augmentation in Malmö – our surgeons have performed thousands of enlargements on satisfied patients. In addition, we are a small clinic with big hearts – we are great at taking care of and pampering all our customers. In our operating rooms there are several of the latest technology for fat transplantation breasts, we use Body-Jet – one of the most luxurious technologies available in the market. It gives good results and makes more fat cells stay in place, while the machine automatically moves the fat during the movement. Body-Jet is definitely one of the newer and most advanced techniques for fat transplantation and is used when we do breast augmentation at Estetikcentrum in Malmö.

Are you interested in knowing more about breast augmentation with your own fat? Book an unconditional consultation with our surgeons at Estetikcentrum – we are happy to answer any questions you may have. Welcome to a first step towards a breast augmentation in Malmö!

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