As you age, you’ll start to notice changes in how your breasts look. These changes are more inconspicuous in small breasts and as a result the sagging would be much less visible. But in larger breasts, size changes and sagging will be fairly noticeable. Breast lift or mastopexy will give your breasts a younger and curvier appearance by lifting your drooping breasts.

What are the causes of change in how breasts look?

Two common reasons that make women want to undergo a breast lift surgery are pregnancy and breastfeeding. This is why we recommend leaving this operation to after you have given birth. Breast lift surgery will have no effects on fertility; however, pregnancy will adversely affect the results of the surgery. After a breast lift surgery, the patient must not get pregnant for six months. If you plan to have a child, it is better to delay that plan for six months.

Significant weight loss and a pendulum-like weight fluctuations cause breast sagging. It is recommended that you undergo breast lift surgery after you’ve reached your desired weight. Losing more weight after the surgery will negatively impact the achieved result. Other factors which change how breasts look include:

  • Aging of the skin and breast tissue
  • Hormonal changes
  • The breasts growing bigger and heavier
  • Genetics

Do I need a breast lift?

Many women value and stress over how they look. This compulsion often leads to them not being satisfied with how they look and as a result they haphazardly consent to undergoing unnecessary surgeries. There is a simple test to diagnose breast sagging and whether you need a breast lift surgery or not. Place a pencil right under your breast. If the pencil holds and doesn’t drop, you need surgery. If the pencil drops, however, your breasts are most likely to have a natural form and you don’t need surgery unless you’re dissatisfied with their size, the shape of the areolas, and the lack of symmetry between them.

What changes does breast lift cause in your body?

In addition to giving your breasts a rounder and fuller look, breast lift surgery changes the way your breasts look by:

  • Raising the nipples in more forward position
  • Reducing the size of the areola
  • Changing the shape of breasts from saggy to round
  • Creating symmetry between the breasts

Why should you do your breast lift at the Estetikcentrum?

Due to different goals and anatomy of each individual, no single breast lift surgery is the same. At the Estetikcentrum, we strive to utilize our expertise and experience on this matter to serve women who wish to have a younger figure in a more appropriate way.

Surgery in our specialised clinic:

Our clinic specializes in plastic surgery and as yet our goal is to provide services accustomed to the needs and personal goals of each patient. We don’t use a “one size fits all” model. This isn’t a factory and you aren’t a product in an assembly line. Every patient is unique :therefore, the result and type of surgery will be determined based on their body shape, taste, and needs. At our specialized clinic you will receive the supervision and care you deserve.

The option to choose between a female or male surgeon:

We work with a team of plastic surgeons and each of them is specialized or has specialized knowledge within a certain field of surgery.

Since some treatment options are highly personal, some women don’t feel comfortable with having a male surgeon. In our specialized clinic, you may choose the surgeon you’re most comfortable with from our roster of highly specialized and skilled surgeons.

Dr. Tina Tos has more than 10 years of experience in the field and is the lead plastic surgery consultant at the Herlev Hospital also she is one of the leading surgeons in the world for microsurgery. Due to her vast knowledge of breast anatomy, she has yielded amazing results for her patients in breast lift and other breast surgeries.

Preventing infection:

There is a slim chance of infection in almost any form of surgery. However, at Estetikcentrum clinic we follow strict guidelines to prevent any chance of infection after surgery. Before surgery you’re prescribed some antibiotics, this process is referred to as “Antibiotic Prophylaxis”. This fairly simple act considerably reduces the chances of infection during and after surgery. As a result, you’ll have a faster and smoother recovery.

Minimizing bleeding and bruising:

Breast lift surgery utilizes a technique dubbed “hemostasis” which minimizes bleeding. Using a particular surgical tool, a precise incision is made on the breast tissue and small blood vessels are burned at the same time in order to stop the bleeding which in turn causes blood pressure to fall and controls bruising. This technique leads to a faster recovery for the patient.

Having rounder and fuller breasts:

In breast lift surgery we use more advanced techniques to give form to the breasts. In some cases, we use different vertical incisions to change the breast tissue and make the upper section of the breast fuller. As a result, the whole breast becomes rounder and fuller!

Precision suturing and surgical scar prevention:

We use a 3-layered suturing system which helps the restoration of incisions significantly and reduces surgical scars. As its name suggests, there are 3 layers and each fulfills a specific role. The first and deepest layer is made of a Polydioxanone which slowly dissolves into your body. This layer protects the visible scar on the outer layer of your skin. This suture stays in your body and slowly dissolves in few months until the scar tissue where the incision was made is completely healed.

The next layer is also made of an absorbable material called Polyglactin 910 which is more commonly known as Vicryl. This layer is absorbed faster than the first one and is used to stitch two ends of the incision in order to reduce the pressure caused by the visible scars made on the skin. The less pressure it receives, the smaller and fewer scars you will have.

The last layer of the suture is made of Glycolide and Epsilon-caprolactone and it is used to close the incisions on the surface of the skin. These sutures are suitable for soft outer layer of skin tissue. It is absorbed even faster than the other layers until the final scars are properly healed into thin transparent lines.
Even though using a 3- layer suturing system helps the body recover more quickly, it is not the only way to help your body recover. After the surgery you need to use medical tape on the incisions for 3-4 months. The tape significantly decreases pressure on incisions during the healing period. The less pressure is put on the scars, the smaller and less transparent they will be after convalescence.
Not feeling cold during and after the surgery:

Usually many women wake up feeling cold after a breast lift surgery, some even start shivering. With your comfort in mind, we keep all liquid injections at body temperature before starting injection. After the surgery is finished, we will cover you with an electric blanket to prevent any shivering. We value your comfort and satisfaction in your surgical experience.

Use of a nurse practitioner in the recovery room:

After the breast lift surgery is done, you’re transferred to the recovery room and you rest there until you’re ready to go home. During this time, a nurse practitioner will be by your side, checking your vitals and answering all your questions.

Receiving a medical certificate for 2 weeks of rest:

After you leave the center, a medical certificate for 2 weeks of rest is given to you. Most people are able to go back to their routine life after a week but following the convalescence period care procedure, resting and reduced activity have a significant impact on recovery and treatment result.

Who is a suitable candidate for breast lift surgery?

  • Individuals above the age of 18
  • Individuals with saggy breasts
  • Physically and mentally healthy individuals
  • Individuals who are not pregnant or feeding
  • Individuals who don’t plan on getting pregnant soon
  • Individuals with a stable weight who don’t plan to diet

If you’ve recently given birth, you need to wait at least six months after childbirth or once the feeding period is over to undergo breast reshaping surgery.

How is breast lift surgery done and what steps does it include?


The first step in your breast lift journey is consulting with your surgeon. Your surgeon does a full examination to make sure whether this surgery is right for you. Women above 40 years old also need to have a mammogram before undergoing surgery.

In this consultation session, the surgeon will examine whether your condition is better suited for an implant or breast reshaping surgery. Breast reshaping and breast lift surgeries are generally recommended to women who suffer from breast sagging specifically. If the sagging is not noticeable, your surgeon will suggest getting implants. After a few months of recovery, you may return to your surgeon to decide whether a breast reshaping surgery is necessary.

Your surgeon will also inform you of the complications involved with the surgery. Even though this surgery is very low risk, like any surgery it comes with a slim chance of risk and therefore you need to be aware of them before surgery. The complications involved with this surgery are low chances of infection and achieving an undesirable result. There are also extremely rare cases where patients lose feeling in the breast area and have issues with breast feeding after surgery.

Marking before the surgery:

The results of this step are also of great importance because once you’ve lain down your breasts change form and there is no way to make a decision. Your surgeon will use a surgical marker to markup your breast which signify the parts that are going to be removed.

The surgery commences:

Breast lift is usually done by making incisions on the breast, removing excess skin and reforming the breast.

If the breasts are lacking in volume, so much so that better results will be achieved by putting an implant, thus, the same incisions used during the breast lift can be used for that.

The size of the areola can be reduced using any of the above- mentioned methods.


For this surgery, you are put under general anesthesia and your heart rate and oxygen levels are monitored by an anesthesiologist throughout the surgery.
Different surgical incisions:

Incisions are usually made in places where the chance of scars being visible in the future is lowest. Your surgeon will talk to you about this before your surgery and explain the best and most suitable options to you.

Based on your situation one of the following incisions will be used:

Circular incision around the areola or donut incision:

This type of incision is suitable for those who have benign or medium sagging. The incision goes around the areola only.

Keyhole incision:

This type of incision is suitable for those who have medium breast sagging and do not wish to use implants. In this technique, the incision is made around the areola and goes down vertically to the natural crease underneath the breast.

Anchor or inverted T incision:

The incision made in this technique is bigger and it is used in cases with severe breast and nipple sagging. In this technique 3 incisions are made: One around the areola, another vertical incision from the areola to the natural crease underneath the breast, and finally a horizontal incision perpendicular to the breast crease.

Removing excess skin and reforming breast tissue:

After making a surgical incision and removing excess skin based on the designed pattern, the areola is relocated higher and the breast will be taken higher accordingly.

Wound dressing and suturing:

In order to reshape your new breast, sutures are made deep within the breast in order to support, give form, and tighten your breast and then the subcutaneous tissues and skin are closed off in few layers.

Once all that is done, the wounds are dressed and the patient is sent to the recovery room.

What are my convalescent care steps after breast lift surgery?

The convalescence period is different for each patient and it also depends on the type of surgery and your body’s natural recovery rate.

You will most likely be able to return to your desk job after a week. However, make sure to refrain from doing activities which require heavy physical activity for a while. Bending over and lifting objects are strictly prohibited because these acts put pressure on the breast and surgical incisions and also make the recovery process much harder and complicated. Also, you are required to wear a sports bra for 4-6 weeks after your breast lift surgery. The elastic and stretchy fabric acts as a way to control swelling and helps your breasts take their new form.

In most cases, you go back to your old routine after 3 weeks but you must always bear your surgeon’s recommendation in mind. Start off slowly and gradually add your previous activities to your daily routine. It is common to experience discomfort and soreness on initial days after the surgery but that usually passes after a few weeks. The pain can be relieved by taking pain killers and medications your doctor has prescribed.

It might take months for the swelling to go away, but most of it usually goes down within one or two months.

Unfortunately scars are inevitable in breast lift surgery. We use a technique called “Keyhole Incision” which makes an incision around the areola down to the crease underneath the breast. As a result, there will be a vertical scar but even though these scars are permanent, rest assured that in time they will become transparent and barely noticeable. You can reduce the chances of leaving a scar by following these tips:

  • Wear a sports bra as per your surgeon’s request
  • Refrain from smoking
  • Drink lots of water during and after convalescence
  • Follow a healthy diet
  • Use the silicon tapes given to you
  • Gently massage the scar

Many of our patients believe that the benefits of a breast lift strongly outweigh the insignificant scar left behind. In fact, our patients rarely complain about their scars.

How long does the result of a breast lift surgery last?

After the surgery, you will have firmer and more youthful breasts. You will immediately start to notice your body’s improvement, but it takes month until you’ll be able to fully enjoy the final result. The swelling goes down after a few week weeks and your breast will have taken a new form. The result of the breast lift and reshaping last for years but the exact time is different for every individual.
The impact that aging and gravity has on breasts is inevitable but you can follow a few tips in order to maintain the result of your surgery.

Take care of your skin. Use sunscreen and moisturizers and avoid direct sunlight as much as possible. Fruits and vegetables help your skin stay young and vibrant.

Frequently asked question:

What’s the difference between a breast lift and breast reduction surgery?

These two surgeries are similar in some ways but they are still their own separate thing. The purpose of a breast reduction is to reduce the size of large breasts, make them firmer and lighter by removing breast tissue. However, breast lift surgery usually doesn’t involve removing breast tissue; it instead gives breasts a more youthful shape and form without reducing their volume.

Who is a suitable candidate for breast reshaping surgery?

This surgery is suitable for healthy women who wish to have fuller and perkier set. Being aware of the risks, complications and convalescence period involved with the surgery is of great importance.

Where will the scars from the breast lift surgery be located?

The scar from this surgery will be around the areola down to the breast crease which makes it look like a lollipop. The scar around the areola will hardly be noticeable due to the skin tone of that area. The vertical scar down to the breast crease can be covered up with a bra or bikini. Therefore, no one will be able to notice the scar on your breast unless you’re comfortable to share that information with them.

Who is the best breast reshaping and breast lift surgeon?

Well, these kinds of surgeries deal with your most private parts so we’d say the best surgeon is someone who you feel comfortable with. At the same time, it’s worth mentioning that experience and skill also play a crucial role in the treatment’s result. Therefore, make sure to choose a practitioner whose experience and medical outcomes are reliable.

How does the breast reshaping process go?

Simply put, a breast reshaping surgery consists of an incision made around the areola and down to the breast crease. The breast tissue is relocated to create a perkier set and finally the incisions are sutured. This procedure employs different techniques and methods.

How long does a breast lift surgery take?

This surgery takes 1-3 hours.

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