You can easily cover yellow or discolored, broken or cracked teeth using dental veneers. You can also fill large gaps or make uneven rows of teeth even. It’s a perfect alternative to teeth correction while at the same time protecting your teeth from external stress. Your teeth won’t suffer from yellowing or faded whiteness as a result of nicotine, coffee or red wine.

Dental veneers are individually fitted and are made of a thin layer of porcelain that is attached using glue. They look highly realistic giving your teeth a natural appearance. Veneers are a great alternative to traditional porcelain surfacing and will last for around 20 years.

Estetikcentrum on dental care


We always begin with a consultation during which we’ll go through your personal needs. We check your bite, smile, take photographs and x-rays, and prints for modelling. We will discuss your expectations, wishes and what more specifically it is that you wish to change in regards to the color and appearance of your teeth. Many also decide to do a whitening treatment of their teeth before veneers as the nuance of the veneers can’t be changed later on.

Once you’re comfortable with the examples that our dentists and dental technicians have come up with we’ll proceed by booking a time for the treatment.

Dental Veneers Procedure:

We will go through the prints and models that we’ve made of your teeth and show you a little preview of what your final results may look like. Once we’ve reached a final decision in regards to shape and color, treatment can commence.

We always strive to maintain as much of your existing tooth as possible, but if required we can also make corrections to your bite or the shape of your tooth so the result is as perfect as you want it to be.

Once you are happy with the designs we’ll glue the veneers onto your existing tooth. We always perform thorough checks to make sure your bite is functioning like normal even with the new addition. It’s important that the veneers are perfectly shaped to avoid any problems with your bite which may have a negative impact on the longevity of the results.

To consider before dental veneers

There are a few important aspects to take into account before you decide to go ahead with dental veneers or coating treatment.

  • dental Veneers and porcelain facades/coatings are permanent and non-reversible.
  • Veneers are very strong and can handle heavy biting, however grindings are to be avoided (same as with your regular teeth). For this reason, avoid using your teeth to open up nuts, bottles or similar.
  • You should consider anaesthesia during the treatment in order to perform the treatment completely pain free.

If you have multiple dental veneers in the same jaw we recommend using a splint for better results. Regular visits to a dentist are recommended since it’s not only the material but also how you treat your teeth that determine how long the results last for.

Why you should choose Estetikcentrum:

We perform all our treatments with great care, take your individual needs into consideration and put a lot of time into each patient regardless of the size of the procedure. Vast experience and great care is the key to a successful treatment.

At Estetikcentrum you’ll be greeted with a nice and calm atmosphere at our modern clinic in central Malmö. Our dental surgeons have extensive experience of dental care treatments and a close cooperation with talented dental technicians who help us on the road to a very successful final result.

Did you know that we also do general dental care?

Do you fear a hole in your tooth? Are you in need of root canal or perhaps a yearly checkup of the teeth of your kids?

We specialize in aesthetic dental care and plastic surgery but also provide general dental care. In other words, our dental services cover everything. Through our deal with insurance companies (Försäkringskassan) our treatments are covered with by the general dental care insurance and consultations are only 390 kr. (reference price: 810 kr.). Exact pricing will be provided after the consultation. We can provide first class dental care at highly competitive prices!

We are experts on patients with a fear of dental care!

Through our work we’ve come across many patients who have avoided seeking dental care due to a general fear. We want to change this through comfortable treatments with calm and caring staff that are specialized in handling patients with a fear of dental care – regardless if you’re scared of needles, worry about pain or feel general discomfort at the sight of dental care instruments and tools.

Nearly half of all grownups are uncomfortable going to the dentist and around 5% of these express a phobia. At Estetikcentrum we want to help these patients obtain a comfortable view of dental care through a positive experience.

Dental clinic with anesthesia

All our treatments can be performed under anesthesia for a calm and comfortable visit at the dentist. We are one of few dental facilities in Sweden to offer this at every single dental treatment we have.

The ability to be treated pain free and in a calm environment is a given to us at Estetikcentrum, and a comfort to you as one of our patients.


At Estetikcentrum we have agreements with Försäkringskassan (insurance) which means that you are able to get financial assistance through the general dental insurance. We can give you complete pricing information during your consultation.

You can also reach out to Medical Finance for help with personal financing of aesthetic treatments that are not covered by the general dental insurance.