Do you feel like you lack volume in the right places? That’s something a lot of people can relate to! A somewhat sleepy and sunken face, breasts that are too small or a flat butt are common concerns. They may be the result of weight loss, age or simply part of your natural physical appearance. But there are ways to become confident in these insecurities! All of theses problems can be solved with a fat transplant, a cosmetic procedure that is becoming increasingly common in the world of beauty. This means that through a gentle surgical procedure your own fat is being moved to a more desirable position, which will give you that movie-star look that many dream of having. A fat transplant is combined with liposuction and is often part of a different treatment. You could say that a fat transplant opens the possibility to sculpt your body by transforming something undesirable into something beautiful.

A fat transplant is suitable for you if you desire a natural but clearly visible improvement using an approach in cosmetic surgery that is as natural as possible. It’s also great if you’re scared of the thought of a major operation using foreign materials as moving your own fat means minimal risks. Keep reading to see if you are interested in stopping by for a consultation.

The advantages of a fat transplant:

The major advantage of the procedure is that you will only use material from your own body, namely fat. No foreign objects like implants or liquids are placed in your body, and thanks to this the body’s immune system won’t react to the procedure. This also eliminates the risk of an allergic reaction and ensures that the procedure isn’t particularly invasive.

More than one treatment might be needed before the desired result is achieved. This is because not all fat cells will heal into the body at once. Sometimes repeated treatments are required for enough fat to attach itself and build volume. But when this has been achieved the longevity is for life and you will be able to enjoy the results of your new volume for a long time! Following a fat transplant around 20-30% of the fat cells typically stay, sometimes even more. Often, what stays is enough, and the patient will experience excellent results even after just one treatment.

Thanks to the fact that a fat transplant is not a particularly invasive procedure you won’t have to go through the long and hard recovery of for example an implant procedure. The pain will be milder and your scars smaller. You should still, however, expect some pain when you wake up from anaesthesia and for a few weeks after, but most of our patients are very positively surprised at the low pain levels. Regular pain killers for a few days usually suffice.

We use Body-Jet:

The key to a successful fat transplant is that as many fat cells as possible survive and manage to stay in the place that they are transferred to. For this reason, we at Estetikcentrum typically use water-assisted liposuction, so called Body-Jet, for fat transplants to the breasts or butt cheeks, a technology that uses a water stream that is very gentle to the fat and is regarded as a somewhat more luxurious solution thanks to the quality it represents. It generates good results and helps more fat cells stay in place while the machine automatically cleans the fat during the transplant. Very convenient! Body-Jet is certainly one of the more modern and most advanced liposuction technologies, as well as the safest. It gently keeps nerves and blood vessels around the treated area intact while simultaneously evening out the remaining fat to leave the area free of lumps. It’s the technology for you if you’re a quality-minded patient!


The face is the first feature that people notice when they see you, and it’s often also what stays in their memory. It’s important that you are pleased with it and feel that your face matches your personality, or it can become a problem! By applying your own fat to your face, you can correct bothersome wrinkles, build up empty cheek sections or fill out narrow lips. In that way you will achieve a fantastic, beautiful and balanced facial structure!

It is often age that causes you to lose volume in your face, which creates wrinkles based on your expressions. This is perfectly normal, but if you are perceived as more tired and look sad or angry, it can feel like a burden. For this reason, you can apply your own fat to your face and recreate your natural, beautiful features! A fat transplant to your face will fill out both wrinkles and sunken areas, and the stem cells in fat contribute to your skin looking younger and healthier. This is thanks to the fact that it’s your body’s own material that contributes to your newfound beauty.

You can create nice volumes in your cheeks, fill out holes under your eyes, alter the shape of your chin, or even out asymmetric areas via fat transplants – there are many possibilities!

There are a lot of people who combine fat transplants to the face with a facial lift to get more youthful facial features. With your own fat you will look more alert and youthful thanks to the increased volume, but unfortunately it won’t affect droopy eyelids or similar issues. What you get is a form of filler of the traces that have been put in your face over the years.


Can my breasts really be enlarged using my own fat? Absolutely! It is actually becoming increasingly common to enlarge one’s breasts with own fat, as it is perceived as a more natural method. And the results are amazing!

With the help of a fat transplant you can, besides enlarging your breasts, also fix the symmetry between them, even them out and even give them a small lift. It’s a less invasive method of breast enlargement to use fat and a breast lift that will give you a nicer shape. Everything is done with the natural fat of your own body, harvested from places where you have a surplus of it. You will kill two birds with one stone, your breasts will be larger while simultaneously giving you a slimmer body and can sculpt the body wherever you feel that it’s needed. A breast enlargement using fat, in combination with a breast lift, is great if you are partly satisfied with your natural size but wish to change the shape and firmness of your breasts.

A breast enlargement without any implants is as mentioned a very gentle procedure to the body. You don’t have to deal with the risks of capsular formation or rejection, and your body will not need to react to any unknown material. It is 100% natural as we reuse your own fat cells and place them in a more favorable area. You will see much smaller scars when you enhance your breasts in this way as there will only be small piercing holes that will become nearly invisible. On top of this, the procedure is not at all as painful as an enlargement using implants, and you will recover much quicker.

Is there anything I should think about ahead of a breast enlargement using my own fat? What you need to keep in mind is that you will not be able to achieve as drastic a change if you choose to enhance your breasts using your own fat. The results will be more natural and soft compared to if you were to use a silicone implant. Weight loss can also affect the results in the future, and before you invest in breast enlargement without implants you should be fairly happy with your overall weight. We say this with the best intentions for you to be able to enjoy a sustainable improvement.


Have you ever heard of a Brazilian Butt Lift? It’s a surgical procedure that has taken the world by storm, and an increasing number of patients perform it in order to get a round, full rear end. The procedure is done by carefully sucking fat from the back, waist and thighs to enlarge the butt cheeks by placing the harvested fat cells there. With this method your butt will be more prominent and even gain a small lift as we slim the areas around it. It will get a round and flattering shape that also looks more natural than if you were to use butt implants.

A Brazilian Butt Lift is relatively gentle, but you will need to rest for some time after the procedure and be careful not to put strain on the butt by lifting heavy objects or sitting too much on it. It takes patience before the final results are clear, the butt will be quite swollen and discolored for a while, but this will soon settle!

Sometimes you might need to repeat the procedure in order to achieve the desired results. This is because around 20-30% of the fat cells will stay permanently while the rest will disappear after a while. Those that stay, however, will stay for the rest of your life and with some patience we will be able to enlarge your butt in a nice-looking and sustainable way.

Book a consultation for fat transplant:

Would you like to go through with a fat transplant? Then we recommend that you book a consultation, regardless of how far along you are in your decision-making (040 – 65 66 660). A consultation is a great opportunity to answer any questions, uncertainties and to set your goals. You certainly don’t need to have made up your mind when you come see us, we are here to assist you in your thought process. Our surgeons are experts at listening and their job is to make you feel relaxed and safe. We wish you a warm welcome to Estetikcentrum!