Permanent hair removal with laser in Malmö

Permanent hair removal with laser

Do you have unwanted hair growth that you would like to remove effectively, and with long-lasting results? We offer laser hair removal in Malmö, giving you smooth and beautiful results.

We use Diodes laser –one of the most recognized and qualitative laser treatments for permanent hair removal in the world. With the help of highly concentrated energy, the treatment is much more effective than an IPL treatment.

Our modern laser removal machine is called Spirit-918 and is manufactured by the well-known company Active.


About the laser treatment

Laser treatment for permanent hair removal means that the machine emits light waves into the pigment of the hair – converting them into heat which in turn closes the hair follicle and burns the hair. This stops the production of new hair – and you get smooth and beautiful skin. Thanks to the possibility of complete adaptation to your specific conditions, it is a safe and painless treatment that does not expose you to more heat than necessary.

Even the very best of laser hair removal machines require you to repeat the treatment a few times – about 4-7 times in each treated area. This is because the laser is only capable of removing hair that is in an active phase, meaning that hair that has not yet appeared unfortunately cannot be reached. When you repeat the treatment during all cycles of hair growth, you will be able to enjoy permanent hair removal results.

Immediately after treatment you may experience some redness and possibly some swelling – this will gradually go away within a few hours. It simply means that the treatment has been effective and that it has reached the hair follicles.

During 2-4 weeks after our laser treatment in Malmö, it is important that you protect your skin from external stresses such as sun, waxing and picking hair. Also, be careful with perfumed skin creams to avoid irritation of the hair follicles.





Adapted to your unique hair and skin

Treatment with our laser machine in Malmö is safe and effective. We work with a high-tech laser that has clinically developed settings tailored to you. Everything from your skin type, skin color and the type of your hair is taken into account during the treatment.


Fast treatment

Each flash of light covers a large portion of the treatment area – a mark of an excellent hair removal machine. The treatment is quick and results in permanent hair removal at an affordable price and in a short time!


Minimal number of treatments

Everyone has various degrees of thickness of hair and layers of skin, which can mean that you will need custom light waves to effectively remove all hair growth. Our laser machine has several different settings and energy levels to choose from, which allows most hair to be removed with very few treatments.

Thanks to the different energy levels, our laser machine is also effective on light hair and red hair, however not on white hair. With older machines or IPL treatment, light, grey and red hair can be difficult to get rid of because the light does not attach to the pigments. With our highly modern machine, however, the treatment is very effective.


Fantastic results

Our laser hair removal in Malmö gives you fantastic results in the shortest possible time. You will appreciate the feeling of being able to throw away the razors and feel the touch of your smooth and soft skin. You deserve to realize your dream – with our modern and safe laser treatment in Malmö it’s all within reach. And at a great price for hair removal – combined with high service and good advice!

Welcome in to enjoy an effective laser treatment at Estetikcentrum in Malmö!

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