IPL treatment is one of the few methods used to remove visible and undesirable hair, redness of the skin, and blood vessels and rejuvenate skin. IPI is a soothing and effective method which is both quick and painless. This treatment method leaves behind no scars but the patient might experience redness and heat on their skin after the treatment.

Different cosmetic applications of IPL treatment include:

IPL treatment is an advancement in laser technology and is a type of light therapy. A cooling gel is used on the skin and pulses of infrared light are shone through a glass prism on the area in mind. The pulse of light might have a certain vibrating effect which might cause some discomfort around the treatment area. The treatment’s results reveal themselves very quickly and in some cases are immediately visible. Later on, we will discuss the different application of this treatment, care tips, and its complications.

The following skin conditions are resolved using IPL treatment:

  • Rosacea
  • Hyperpigmentation (brown spots)
  • Wrinkles
  • Tissue issues
  • Melasma
  • Hot flash
  • Freckles
  • Patches due to aging and sun light
  • Broken capillaries
  • Spider veins
  • Skin fissures after pregnancy, significant weight loss or gain


During this session, the patient’s skin is first examined, the issue is identified and IPL’s effectiveness is considered. In some patients, combining a few treatment methods is enough to fulfill their expectation.

The following information is taken from the patient afterwards:

  • Previous surgery records
  • History with previous illnesses
  • Present illnesses
  • Allergies and current medication

IPL hair removal:

Removing hair from the body and face is one the most common uses of IPL treatment. A thin harmless ray of light is produced that penetrates the skin and targets pigmented cells of hair follicles. When the pigmented cell absorbs this light, it causes the destruction of follicles and removes hair permanently. In addition, the cells responsible for renewed hair growth are destroyed as well. Therefore, the hair’s future growth is also controlled.

The area is cleaned before the treatment begins. For some patients, using numbness gel is necessary. You’ll feel numb around the area after 30 minutes.

Special goggles are used to protect the eyes. To increase the treatment’s effectiveness, the patient’s skin must be pulled tightly and the hair be removed using IPL. Pulses of light sting as much as a small needle or repeated taps from a rubber hammer on your skin. Pulsed light removes hair and this is why you might smell burning hair in the air.

Benefits of IPL hair removal:

  • Quick and high precision
  • The treatment resolves other issues, such as skin patches, vascular lesions, and skin rejuvenation
  • Removal of 80 percent of unwanted hair and thinning out the remaining hair
  • Painless procedure
  • Being able to use it on different body parts

Preparing for IPL treatment:

Doing any of the activities below is strictly forbidden before undergoing IPL hair removal:

  • Sun bathing, tanning, epilation, laser resurfacing (laser peel), Botox or Collagen injection two weeks beforehand
  • Using perfume, body spray, makeup, moisturizer, or any form of skin stimulus before treatment
  • Do not remove hair before or after the treatment through waxing or epilation.
  • Using Aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements

Performing the following tasks before IPL treatment for hair removal is necessary:

  • Wash your face if you’ve rubbed numbing cream on your face or have applied makeup.
  • Properly shave the hair around the treatment area using a razor.

Treatment care instructions after IPL hair removal:

Use Aloe Vera cooling gel, ice pack, and cream containing zinc oxide to prevent skin inflammation and redness.

Avoid bathing with hot water, using the sauna or swimming in a pool containing chlorine for up to 24 hours after the treatment.

The use of cosmetics on the treatment area is prohibited for 24 hours.

Avoid direct exposure to sun light and make sure to use a suitable sunscreen in between treatment session.

Sunbathing and any work that might contribute to darkening your skin is forbidden.

In case hair of the treatment area grows back, avoid plucking it with a tweezer or waxing it. If the regrown hair is giving you an unappealing look and you cannot wait until the next treatment session, then shave it.

Who is a suitable candidate for IPL treatment hair removal?

The light shone is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle. Therefore, this treatment method works best on people with light skin and dark hair.

It is possible to remove hair in all parts of the body including armpit, leg, back, face, neck, and bikini.

How many sessions does IPL hair removal require?

Several treatment sessions are required to completely remove all hair. Each strand of hair grows in three phases but only in the active growth phase is the melanin in the roots of the hair dense enough to be destroyed after absorbing the light energy. Since at each time period one third of hairs are at this phase, then at least 4 to 6 sessions of IPL hair removal are needed. People with dark skin or bright hair might need more sessions.

Around 20 percent of your hairs are removed during the first session which increases to about 95 percent around the sixth session. Your hair around the treatment area will be permanently reduced afterwards. Some patients come back for laser hair removal once every six months to keep that area of their body hair free.

IPL treatment for rejuvenation:

This is a highly effective skin rejuvenation treatment method which is famously known as photo rejuvenation. Rays of light are shone deep inside the skin which increases the skin’s elasticity and softness. After IPL treatment, the skin’s collagen production is stimulated and your skin wrinkles less as a result. So your skin regains its youthful elasticity and goes back to normal. This treatment is used to remove pigmented cells and blood vessels which usually occur when your skin is in exposure to sun light for long durations.

The benefits of IPL skin rejuvenation:

  • The results are easily noticeable.
  • All of your face is treatable and not just a small part of it.
  • No convalescence period and patients can return to their daily life with ease.
  • The results are long-lasting.

For optimal treatment results, we recommend four to six weeks of IPL treatment in 3 week intervals. Every treatment session lasts about 20 minutes. People generally have their whole face and neck treated at the same time. This method’s effectiveness has been proven and studies indicate that the results of IPL skin rejuvenation last upwards of 10 years.

Before the treatment begins, a cool gel is rubbed on the area and the patient is given protective goggles. During treatment, the practitioner places the hand piece gently on your skin and moves it. Light is sent to the skin in the form of small pulses and usually without any discomfort. Sometimes the side-effects of the treatment, like rednessgo away within one or two hours. In most cases, only the face is treated but you can also receive treatment on your neck, chest, and hands to get that youthful look.

Effectiveness of IPL treatment for rejuvenation:

IPL skin rejuvenation reduces wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, and cheeks significantly. Skin patches are reduced up to 50 percent during the first session and continued treatment results in complete removal. Continuing the treatment helps remove surface level scar effectively and tightens the skin.

Still, this isn’t a magic. You need to have reasonable and realistic expectations. Even though your skin becomes firm and more youthful, the achieved results are incomparable with a face lift surgery. Treating wrinkles, such as frown lines, is extremely difficult with IPL treatment. Therefore, it might be for the best that these patients use other options, such as Botox injection, together with IPL treatment.

IPL treatment for redness and blood vessels:

The visible vessels on the nose, cheeks, and neck are considered unappealing by most people. This issue happens to those who are exposed to the sun, wind, or cold for too long. Redness of the skin is common even in those who suffer from rosacea. If you’re suffering from chronic rosacea, we recommend that you do consult with a dermatologist before undergoing IPL treatment.

During IPL treatment, small blood vessels absorb the light which heats and destroys them. After a while the destroyed vessels are absorbed and disappear. IPL treatment is highly effective for redness and blood vessel and its results are almost immediate with the disappearance of visible blood vessels.

IPL treatment for hyperpigmentation:

This treatment method is used to resolve age spots and uneven accumulation of pigmented cells. Pigment issues usually occur due to prolonged exposure to the sun and in most cases affect the face, arms, and hands. One or a few light rays are enough for treatment. Improvements start happening over the course of a few weeks and most of the pigmented cells will disappear.

Longevity of the results of hyperpigmentation and spider veins:

Results of this method in treating brown spots, redness, or spider veins last for a very long time. Still, the skin’s aging processes won’t be halted and therefore new wrinkles and spots will appear as a result of aging. So it is important that you renew this treatment once a year.

Acne scar treatment:

IPL treatment can be used to remove acne scars. To restore one’s skin, considering the face has deep scars, the device is configured to emit controlled standardized light to the second layer of the skin; collagen production is stimulated again and old collagen threads are restored. Therefore, the results are visible on the skin’s surface.

Acne scar treatment differs for every person based on their condition, so the total sessions needed is unclear but each session lasts somewhere between 20 to 30 minutes.

The results of IPL acne scar treatment are long-lasting.

Complications of the treatment:

Even though IPL treatment involves less side-effects compared to other skin cosmetic procedures, the below complications are still possible.

  • Temporary darkened skin
  • Scarring (the chances of this occurring at our clinic are really low)
  • Redness and inflammation for 3 days
  • Dry skin
  • Allergic reaction
  • Undesirable results and the need for a replacement therapy
  • Burning, blisters and peeling skin

If your skin has aged unnaturally due to exposure to sun light or you’re suffering from spider veins or skin patches. If you’re suffering from excess hair around different parts of your body, contact us for a highly effective IPL treatment and enjoy your new youthful and vibrant skin.

Price of IPL Treatment:

Cost of the treatment depends on the shot, size of the treatment area, and number of session. Total costs will be announced during the consultation session.

Price of IPL – Hair Removal

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