The dentists at Estetikcentrum have vast experience of working with those who are afraid of the dentist, and we take helping you with your phobia in the best way possible very seriously. If you suffer from severe fear of dental care, it may feel like a struggle to even sit down in the dentist’s chair. We totally get this and offer alternatives to anyone who suffers from this. Dental care with anesthesia or laughing gas will give you the opportunity to get a healthy smile without experiencing the anxiety that unfortunately can be part of a visit to the dentist.

At Estetikcentrum we strive to offer accessible dental care that works for all, regardless of your circumstances or fears. We are one of few clinics in Sweden to offer anesthesia or laughing gas for all our dental treatments. It’s obvious to us that nothing should stand in the way of a beautiful smile and great oral health.

We are a small clinic with a great focus on your experience as our patient. Your dental treatment should come with a well-earned sense of luxury and feel like a calm and comfortable experience. We promise to listen carefully to all your wishes, and you are welcome to come try it for yourself.

Why we offer anesthesia:

We think that everyone has a right to qualitative dental care on their own terms. Our experience has taught us that dental fear can be exhausting, and phobia shouldn’t force you to sacrifice your oral health. This is why dental treatments under anesthesia or laughing gas is a great alternative to those who suffer from a fear of going to the dentist. The anxiety goes away and is replaced with calm and relaxation. The number of times that you will go to the dentist can even be reduced as anesthesia allows for several and more extensive treatments to be performed at the same occasion, without you even noticing that something is going on.

Of course, anesthesia is suitable even if you don’t suffer from dental phobia. You can perform larger or more advanced treatments for painless dental care. For example, you might need to remove a particularly tricky tooth, or go through a similar larger procedure. Anesthesia is a great way for you as a patient to not have to suffer needlessly, and we want you to have an as comfortable and qualitative dental care experience as possible.

The difference between anesthesia and laughing gas:

We offer both anesthesia and laughing gas at our clinic. Which option is more suitable to you depends on how time consuming and extensive your treatment is, or how afraid you are of going through with the treatment. All of this will be discussed with you and your professional dentist.


is a sort of artificial sleep during which you as the patient won’t realize what is going on during the treatment. You will be in a comfortable state of rest while your dentist can give you pain-free care. Before the treatment you will discuss with your dentist everything that will be done during the treatment, and any questions can be answered. We do this so that you can feel comfortable with your dentist’s understanding of your thought process. It isn’t possible to wake you up during the treatment to ask questions, so we want to ensure that you can trust that you are in safe and certified hands. The staff at Estetikcentrum are used to working with anesthesia as we carry out such treatments almost daily. Thus, you can trust that we know what we are doing. A dental examination with anesthesia is taken just as seriously as an operation, and you will wake up comfortably afterwards to a high service level and professional observation. Remember to arrange for someone to come and take you home after your visit as it won’t be safe for you to drive on your own after treatment with anesthesia.

Laughing gas:

Laughing gas can be viewed more as a form of pain relief. The laughing gas is breathed in through a mask and will make you calm and relaxed. It’s a great option for those who are afraid of the dentist but who wish to be conscious and in control during their visit. It also works well as a complement to local anesthesia for some treatments as it contributes to a more pain-free dental treatment. Sometimes it varies how you respond to laughing gas. For some it works great while others prefer a different method. At Estetikcentrum we guide you and make sure that you are comfortable in your choice of treatment type.

The risks of anesthesia:

Assuming that you are healthy and of generally good condition the risks of anesthesia are close to non-existent. We are, however, always thorough when we give you a health check before moving forward with this form of sedation, so that you can feel safe and so that we can guarantee a safe level of care.

You may experience minor side effects from anesthesia. When you wake up after a treatment with anesthesia you may feel nauseous or have a headache, but this will usually pass quickly. You may of course stay to be taken care of as you wake up, until you feel ready to go. At Estetikcentrum we don’t rush, and you are always the center of attention.

Why dental care with anesthesia at Estetikcentrum?

At Estetikcentrum we possess vast knowledge in terms of all forms of dental care in Malmö. Our treatments are performed by certified and skilled dentists, and we have both long and broad experience that make us a great support during your dental treatment.

We are a small clinic with a big heart. As our patient you will always be the center of attention, regardless of why you have come to see us. We offer first class service and wish for you to feel special. If there’s something that we are often praised for at our clinic, it is our staff. It makes us happy that our efforts, friendly smiles and great care reaches our patients and give them an experience beyond the norm. When you visit us, you will be met in the best possible way, we’ll make sure of it!

Great opening hours are a luxury that we offer our clients. You should be able to get help whenever it suits you, and that’s why we always do our best to accommodate your wishes. Our standard opening hours are from 8:30 to 16:30 Monday through Friday, and we do what we can to give you an appointment when you need it. Two days a week we work until 19:00, as well as every second Sunday. Our ambition regarding being able to give all our patients easily accessible appointments has resulted in us being able to offer urgent appointments and treatments.

Estetikcentrum is in the heart of Malmö, on Studentgatan, a few minutes’ walk from Gustav Adolf’s square. It’s easy to get to us regardless of your mode of transport, something that is of utmost importance to the convenience of our patients. If you arrive by car there are great parking facilities nearby, and there are multiple bus routes in our close vicinity. Our facilities are newly renovated, welcoming and fresh. We want even a standard visit to the dentist to feel like a luxurious experience tailored to you. Everything does feel just a little bit better if the surroundings are nice, don’t they?

The dentist’s chair shouldn’t cause a stomach ache. We hope that if you are hesitant to dental care you will feel great relief during and after your visit with us. Our dentists are great in every way, even when it comes to helping those with a fear of going to the dentist. At the right pace and with understanding staff close at hand the experience might even be quite enjoyable. At Estetikcentrum we have an inner desire to make all our patients feel safe and heard, and that’s why we always put great emphasis on taking the time to listen during every visit.

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Are you looking for a dentist who knows their stuff and who is always through? Then please feel free to call us (040 – 65 66 660). We are your safe place where dental care doesn’t feel scary, and we will do everything we can to ease your fear or even make it go away entirely. You can visit our homely clinic without any obligations whatsoever. We can discuss the options together with you and find a form a treatment that works for you. You deserve a healthy and beautiful smile!