Pretty much everyone who has become a mom knows that the body isn’t quite the same after one or more pregnancies. This is nothing odd, the body has been through a fantastic change that gives life to the most precious thing that life has to offer. Isn’t that cool? We think so! But despite the pride of what one’s body has accomplished it isn’t everyone who maintains the confidence and glow that they once had. Are you one of the people who sometimes think back and miss what the body felt like before breastfeeding and pregnancy? You might have a mommy stomach, your breast might have lost their volume, there might be stretch marks, or loose skin in the stomach region. All of this is perfectly normal and can be charming if it’s carried with pride. But if you are ashamed of your body it can be time to consider a Mommy Makeover, an opportunity to get back your former pride over your body. Your beauty should not be overshadowed by insecurity!

A Mommy Makeover consists of a breast lift with the possibility of breast enlargement, combined with abdominoplasty where you can choose to perform liposuction for maximum effect. The goal with a Mommy Makeover is to make you feel as satisfied with your body as you did before pregnancy, or maybe even more satisfied?

What is a Mommy Makeover?

A Mommy Makeover is a collective term for all the changes that you can make after one or more pregnancies. The operations that are part of the package all aim to give you back your tighter body with nice contours and volume in the right places. We believe that you can recognize yourself in empty breasts after a pregnancy, a stomach with hanging skin and some stretch marks. All of this is rectified with a Mommy Makeover and will hopefully give you back the confidence and femininity that you long for. So, what do the various surgical treatments mean and how are they performed?

Breast Lift:

That the breast has lost volume or changed its shape is probably something that most mothers experience after breast feeding and pregnancy. It can feel sad as the chest to many is central to both femininity and sexuality. If you feel displeased with your breasts after a pregnancy, then a breast lift is an excellent alternative to give them a younger, fuller look.

The approach can vary during a breast lift, usually based on your specific anatomy. Your surgeon will typically remove excess skin which will lead to your breasts being lifted. Sometimes the nipple needs to be replaced for a more perky look, and this is done through an incision around the area in question.

We want to make your breast lift as easy as possible, and for that reason we will take preventative measures against infections prior to your surgery. This is achieved through antibiotic prophylaxis which will enhance the recovery of the body. At Estetikcentrum we take great care for your scars to heal as painlessly and well as possible, and therefore we use an advanced suturing technique that minimizes the strain on your incisions after a breast lift.

For your breast lift to stay as nice and healthy as possible we recommend that you as a patient feel that you are done with pregnancies and that you are not planning to lose a lot of weight. If you just became a mother you will need to wait another six months, or until you have stopped breastfeeding, before you can go through with a breast lift. If you are a woman over 40 years of age, we include a mammography prior to the breast lift, just to be on the safe side.

Breast Enhancement:

If you wish for a complete Mommy Makeover, you can complement your breast lift with an implant for an even fuller look. This is primarily recommended if you feel that your breasts are too small or disproportionate compared to the rest of your body. This can happen after breastfeeding and pregnancy.

A breast enlargement is a very popular treatment at Estetikcentrum, and we have great experience and knowledge in this area. Our previous patients have regained a self-esteem that they never thought they would get back, and so can you.

A breast enlargement at Estetikcentrum is primarily performed via an incision in the crease under the breast. A silicone implant is inserted to give your breasts a beautiful shape and volume. You can tailor all of this together with our surgeon, everything from the shape of the implant to the size. We also give you the option of choosing a female surgeon if you prefer the opinion and touch of another woman, everything to make you feel safe and relaxed when you’re with us.


Abdominoplasty is a surgical treatment that helps you tighten your mommy-belly and remove excess skin. This also leads to large portions of stretch marks after pregnancy to go away or fade, and your newly flattened stomach will be the new center of attention. Abdominoplasty can also regenerate abdominal muscle separations in a safe and effective way after giving birth.
The results of the operation are a flatter stomach with no loose skin, less visible stretch marks after pregnancy, and a narrower waistline that is no longer defined by the number of children that you have carried. Your stomach with a lot of excess skin will fade into a distant memory, and you will be able to enjoy high-paced play time with your kids without your stomach being in the way.

To many of our patients, their abdominoplasty means that they, after the operation, view themselves in a brand-new way, and that is a regained sense of freedom. You will likely be able to wear clothes that have been hiding in the far back of your closet because they no longer fit. A leaner and more confident you will result in your personality and natural beauty glowing. Believe us when we say that you will enjoy the beach to its fullest when you can show off a flat and smooth stomach that can even make the young kids jealous.

By also performing a liposuction in combination with your abdominoplasty you will get an even better and more guaranteed result. A liposuction of rolls and excess skin in the abdominal region is especially popular as it removes bulges on the side of your waist. Thanks to this you will get a beautiful figure that reminds you of an hour glass, and you will get curves that many can only dream of after having had a mommy belly.

The liquids that we inject at Estetikcentrum prior to a liposuction also make the modification of tissue during abdominoplasty even simpler, which gives you a smoother result. These liquids consist of anesthesia and adrenaline. Anesthesia will give you comfortable pain relief during a prolonged period after the surgery. The adrenaline will help close blood vessels to reduce bleeding. Thanks to this you will experience fewer and less intensive bruises and can proudly show off your new figure even sooner.

Am I suitable for a Mommy Makeover?

If you think that your body has changed a lot after family life and that this bothers you, then this treatment is probably ideal for you. Excess skin on your stomach and the fact that your breasts have lost their volume and firmness are primary reasons. And as long as you are healthy in general there are no major indications to why you wouldn’t be able to go through with the treatments that give you back a nicer and more youthful body.

On the other hand, all of the treatments have it in common the fact that we highly recommend that you think through your family situation before deciding on a Mommy Makeover. You should have decided that you are done getting pregnant and that you are not planning on having any more children. It is not the end of the world if you do get pregnant again, but we want you to experience results that are long-lasting and that you can be happy with for many years to come. It would be sad to invest in yourself only to then ruin the beautiful change with another pregnancy.

Are there any risks I should know about?

There are always small risks with anesthesia, but if you are of general good health there is nothing to worry about. At Estetikcentrum we are always very thorough when checking your health prior to a procedure, and we have both long and vast experience that helps us guarantee that you are in good hands with us. An operation can easily feel a little scary and is a big step to take. But with today’s fantastic and tried techniques, in combination with the vast knowledge of our surgeons, you have nothing to worry about. There are many possible side effects that you need to have in mind before you decide to go through a Mommy Makeover, and we will gladly guide you.

After a breast lift some patients may experience a minor change in sensation, meaning the nipple or breast isn’t as sensitive as before the breast lift. This will often disappear in a short time after the surgery, and only very few patients will experience a permanent reduction in sensitivity. This is certainly not something that you should expect but is something that you should be aware about.

Another factor that one should have in mind before a breast lift is breastfeeding. In some cases, especially with larger breast lifts, the ability to breastfeed might disappear altogether. This is because larger surgical procedures may mean cutting through the milk paths. But as previously mentioned we recommend that you are in a place in life where you have decided not to have any more kids or to breastfeed prior to getting a Mommy Makeover. In other words, you will most likely be in a place where this is not an issue, if it against all odds should affect you. It’s about personal priority and only you can decide what means the most to you. It is your body, and your decisions.

Take back your body and self-esteem

Becoming a mother is to most women one of the most wonderful and important events in life. It is a miracle after all, and something that the female body is impressively good at. Way to go, if you have become a mom you are a true power-woman!

Some are lucky enough to get their old body back quickly, almost to the same form that it used to be before the pregnancy. But far from all are that lucky! A pregnancy often leaves some form of trace on the body, and it varies what you think of it. Some women praise their mommy body, and they are right to do so! But we must also remember that it is OK if you aren’t entirely satisfied. It is your body, and no one can tell you what to think of yourself.

Many mothers have fought hard to exercise or diet away the excess kilos, but it’s not always that easy or even healthy. Biology, daily routines and a lot of other things matter. If you’re one of those who unfortunately feel uncomfortable with your body you shouldn’t be ashamed of doing something about it. Confidence and a positive body image are incredibly important, both physically and mentally, as well as for your social life. It quickly shows if a person is not confident in their body.

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