This is how it works

At Estetikcentrum you can pay in a way that suits you. In collaboration with Resurs Bank we offer a range of payment methods and you choose whichever fits you best when you receive your first invoice. We always offer 30-60 days of no-cost credit.

This means that a month will always go by before it’s time to pay.

Choose if you would like to start an account at the clinic for flexible payment options on return visits. With a payment account you will have access to various payment options, for payments of up to 100 000 kr.

The table below shows examples of how you can divide your payment.

Account 12 months 24 months 36 months 60 months
Credit sum 20 000 kr 20 000 kr 20 000 kr 20 000 kr
Payments 12 24 36 60
Admin fee/month 45 kr 45 kr 45 kr 45 kr
Sign-up fee 349 kr 349 kr 349 kr 349 kr
Variable annual interest


0 %


0 %


3,9 %


6,9 %

Effective interest rate


7,85 %


6,73 %


9,99 %


12,52 %

To pay total 20 889 kr 21 429 kr 21 969 kr 26 593kr
Maximum credit 100 000 kr 100 000 kr 100 000 kr 100 000 kr

The examples are based on a purchase on the 15th day of a calendar month and is calculated as of 2019-06-07. The effective interest rate is calculated using the general advise from Konsumentverket regarding consumer credit. The example assumes that the interest and fees remain unchanged during the credit period. All amounts are rounded up to the nearest kr.

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