Plasma Pen

Lift and tighten loose skin for a more toned look with the help of Plasma Pen – entirely without surgery or injections. It may sound too good to be true, but it’s a popular method which, with the help of plasma light, superficially treats tired eyes and saggy skin. Do you, too, wish that you could be rid of the dark bags under your eyes?


How does it work? 

Plasma Pen is a hot new beauty treatment that has become popular thanks to the fact that it involves no needles or knives – while results remain fantastic. Most people appreciate not having to prick holes into the skin, and the superficial Plasma Pen treatment is the perfect solution.

A Plasma Pen lift can be done in several different areas for different purposes – for example, you can lift droopy eyelids, reduce bags under your eyes, reduce loose skin in the face or neck, correct deep wrinkles, and remove scars or pigmentation. There are many options to choose from, and thus also different techniques to give you the right results in the right place.

The instrument looks like a pen with a small tip. Through the tip, an electric current is passed on, generating an electrostatic impulse. When the tip touches the skin, a reaction occurs that produces a flash of plasma light – for about a tenth of a second, the heat from the flash causes any excess fluids to evaporate from the skin, resulting in a direct tightening of the skin. The treatment also simulates superficial injuries, causing the skin to begin to regenerate and create collagen.

During the treatment, the flash of plasma light is repeated in a grid pattern over the desired area. In this way, you achieve a complete result with great skin renewal in the area you wish to spruce up a bit. 


What are the advantages compared to surgical treatments? 

Since you don’t have to go through surgical procedure, the treatment is much gentler on your body. The healing and recovery is a lot quicker, so quick in fact that you can go to work immediately after, if you wish. There is no risk of removing too much skin, which can happen during a surgical procedure. The risk of infection associated with this treatment is also significantly reduced, and in addition, the Plasma Pen improves the quality of your skin long term.


What should I do after the treatment?

Immediately following the treatment small, brown dots will appear in the treated area, and there is a high chance that you will be a little swollen with redness and tender skin. This is not dangerous and for most people it goes away within five days after treatment. The dots will remain for about a week and will eventually become small crusts that will fall off on their own. Because it’s a superficial treatment, you can wear make-up with skin-friendly minerals, but we recommend that you leave the skin resting without any external applications. If not, you risk permanent pigment changes.


For how long will the results last?

The result of the Plasma Pen is permanent. However, the skin will continue to age naturally, so take care of it and try to apply a healthy lifestyle to enjoy the change for as long as possible. If you have very loose skin that you want to tighten, you may need two or three repeated visits to achieve the desired final result.


Are there any risks? 

If you follow the instructions we give you regarding your healing process there are very few risks associated with the Plasma Pen. However, if you mistreat the recovery period, there is a risk of infection in the skin layer, poor healing and hyperpigmentation. But if you are healthy overall and take good care of your skin, you should not experience any complications at all.

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