Prices for dental treatments


Prices for Dental treatments at Estetikcentrum

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We offer aesthetic dental care, general care and emergency care at the Aesthetic Center.
Our dentists are affiliated with the Insurance Fund and you can use the general dental insurance for a survey and treatment of your teeth. Aesthetic treatments not covered by the general dental insurance are charged separately.

Our price for a basic survey is less than the HALF reference price!
The prices below are NOT your total cost. The insurance fund’s high-cost protection is NOT the deduction. If you are entitled to compensation from the Social Security Fund, your total cost may be lower than the stated prices.

On your survey, you also get a precise cost proposal for just you and your needs.
The prices below apply to weekdays.

All our prices are inclusive of VAT.

Ongoing visit / late return later than 24 hours will be charged with 775 kr

Read more about with financing here.

Investigation Price
Base examination 890 Kr
Acute / complementary 450 Kr (600 kr under holidays)
Extensive emergency / complementary 1 200 Kr (1 650 kr under holidays)
Tartar removal and polishing (depending on the extent) 690-1 300 Kr
X-ray Price
One tooth 65 Kr (75 kr under holidays)
Two / more teeth 270 Kr (350 kr under holidays)
All the teeth 950 Kr
Treatment periodontal pockets / periodontitis Price
Basic 690-990 Kr
Larger scale 1 200-1 990 Kr
Tooth removal, per tooth Price
Basic 1 150 Kr (1 650 kr under holidays)
Complicated 1 850 Kr (2 600 kr under holidays)
Surgical tooth extraction (1-3 adjacent teeth) 3 200 Kr (4 200 kr under holidays)
Root canal Price
Acute root treatment (eg dental pain, depending on number of channels) 950-1 200 kr
One root canal 3 900 Kr
Two root canals 4 600 kr
Three root canals 5 800 Kr
Four or more root canals 6 400 Kr
Filling Price
An area of incisor or canine 700 Kr
Two surfaces of the incisor or canine 1 100 Kr
Three / multiple surfaces of incisor / canine 1 300 Kr
An area of molar 995 Kr
Two surfaces of the posterior teeth 1 300 Kr
Three or more surfaces of the posterior teeth 1 650 Kr
Composite crown 2 000 Kr
Prosthetics Price
Crown (one) 6 000 Kr
Crown (several) 5 800 kr
Facade 5 900 Kr
Pin in root canal 3 800 Kr
Crown for a supporting tooth in a bridge 5 800 Kr
Crown for a suspended tooth in a bridge 2 500 Kr
Whole prosthesis 9 900 Kr
Part prosthesis 12 000 kr
Teeth whitening Price
Teeth whitening in the clinic with plasma lamp 3 800 kr
Home whitening syringe (1 piece) 250 Kr
Mouthguard for bleaching, per jaw 1 250 Kr
Mouthguard Price
Mouthguard 3 700 Kr
Dental control with Invisalign Price
One jaw 25 000 kr
Both jaws 35 000 kr
You get bleach gels during Invisalign treatment.
Treatment with nitrous oxide Price
Nitrous oxide 2000 kr/hour
Calming medicine before treatment Price
Calming medicine - Midazolam 600 kr
Dentistry / Treatment in Narcosis Price
Entry fee (per hour) 5 500 kr
Per extra hour 4 000 kr

Part pay your treatment

0 kr

50 000 kr

Loan kr

Pay approximately kr/month

You can loan up to 200 000 kr at Medical Finance

Apply for a loan by visiting the Medical Finance website at

Interest 0%. Efficient interest rate according to KoV guidelines for a loan of 50,000 SEK, 24 months repayment, arrangement fee about 695 SEK, administration fee approximately 45 kr/month, will be about 3.42%. Variation may occur depending on credit companies and loan products.

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