Treatment with Fillers (Juvéderm/Restylane)

Fillers in Malmö

Injections are used to improve the contour around your face and neck. Typically your own body fat or hyaluronic acid is used in the injections. At Estetikcentrum we use only proven and well known brands when it comes to Fillers.

Unfortunately your skin loses its youth and elasticity over the years, but there’s effective help to get. With Filler injections your face can be free of wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, and a lot of what’s associated with facial ageing. Your natural beauty will be highlighted discretely but clearly. The product is natural and doesn’t contain any poisonous substances. The effect and safety has been proven in many clinical studies, and Fillers will never affect your facial expressions or movements. Fillers are a natural beauty product which enhance the contour of the face, provides fuller lips, smooth out wrinkles and makes the skin look younger. The active ingredient in Fillers is hyaluronic acid, a substance which is found naturally in the body.

The Filler products have been developed with advanced technology to give a very natural and lasting result. Common areas of treatment are the face, neck and lips. The products are of course completely safe and used by doctors and nurses all over the world.

When treating with Fillers we inject the gel in small dosages under the skin of the patient. Volume and structure is restored. The treatment is non-surgical which means that the recovery time is minimal. Results after the treatment will appear instantly and the treatment can be adapted to fit your individual needs as closely as possible. This unique, crystal clear gel is used daily across the globe. Results of the treatment are long-lasting for several months, but never permanent. Some products last longer than others.


Different methods of treatment with Fillers

All treatments are different and uniquely tailored to your looks, shapes and own wishes. Fillers quickly extinguishes your wrinkles and lines and give you a more alert and youthful look. The product recreates the structure of the skin and provides volume. The results will appear instantly. It is for example possible to treat:

  • Crow’s Feet
  • Lines between the mouth and nose
  • Laugh lines
  • Worry lines

Lip treatments:

The treatment is tailored to your unique looks and personal wishes. There are many different variations of lip treatments, but the most common are:

  • Improvement of lip contour
  • ”Happier” dimples through the removal of wrinkles
  • Corrections of asymmetric lips
  • Moisture resupply of the lips
  • Increased volume effect of the lips
  • Lip enlargement

Tired eyes

Baggy and tired eyes are a common problem among older patients. The reason is that the volume under the eyes has been heavily reduced. Tired eyes often require multiple treatments as injections are done in small dosages. When the tissue is in place results last for up to a year. It is highly recommended to those with dark rings or bags under the eyes.


This is how we work with fillers

Before treatment you will meet with our aesthetic specialized surgeon or certified nurse and together you will thoroughly talk through your expectations and conditions. It’s important that the proper method is chosen for your needs for optimal results. This is our top priority.

During the treatment our trained personnel will easily inject the Filler under your skin. It doesn’t hurt and the product contains a small amount of pain relief (Lidocaine) which makes the treatment more comfortable.

Get your Fillers and B-tox by Fariba, our highly experienced nurse!

After Filler treatment

Our specialized surgeons and nurses will give you advise on after-treatment to help you avoid any discomfort. Filler is very gentle, but some people will still experience some soreness and swelling days after the treatment. You should avoid strong sun light and heavy exercising during the first few weeks after treatment.


Different products for different results


We use VOLUMA to restore lost volume in the face. The face will return to its youthful form as treated areas lift. The result are sharper, rounder and firmer facial contours. It makes you look both younger and softer.


Filler gives the lips a clearer form and the face a more defined contour. For areas around the mouth and lips we use VOLBELLA. VOLBELLA is a soft gel which is injected with a very thin needle. It gives a nice, natural and soft feeling end effectively fills out lines and wrinkles around the lips. The hyaluronic acid works deeper under the skin and attracts and holds moisture. The effect lasts for an entire year.

We also use VOLIFT which is a gel placed between Volbella and Voluma. It is an easier gel than Voluma with a greater change in volume than Volbella. Volift is typically used in the face such as in the fold between the mouth and the cheek.

If required we can also offer other well known products from other brands such as Skinbooster, SubQ and Perlanse.

The treatment is adapted after your needs and desires. The results are instantly visible. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you are curious about how our different Filler treatments can help improve your looks. The options are endless!

Visit our contact page, or call 040-65 66 660 to book an appointment.

A warm welcome to us at Estetikcentrum!

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