IPL- Hair removal

IPL-Hair removal

The IPL treatment is used among other things for removal of unwanted hair on the body, skin rejuvenation, redness and undesirable visible blood vessels. It is an effective and gentle method that is quick and painless. Treatment with IPL gives no scars, but during the hours following the treatment there may be less redness and heat sensation in the skin experienced.

How does IPL-treatment work?

IPL is a further development of laser technology and is a form of light treatment. A chilled gel is applied on the skin and a light pulse of infrared light directed toward the treatment area through a glass prism. The light pulse can provide some slight discomfort in the form of a small flick on the skin area. The result will be seen very quickly and, in some cases, immediately.

IPL-treatment for hair removal

IPL technology is an excellent method to remove embarrassing body hair whether it is on the face, arms or legs. Because we use the most modern technology in the field, the method is very effective.

IPL-treatment for skin rejuvenation

IPL is an effective method for skin rejuvenation – also called photo skin rejuvenation. The light appears in the depths of the skin and increases its suppleness and elasticity. Collagen (the perfect binder that gives skin firmness and strength) is re-formed and the skin becomes less wrinkled and returns to its youthful elasticity in a natural way. IPL treatment also removes pigment spots and superficial blood vessels, which often occurs when the skin has been exposed to too much sun. For optimal effect, we recommend 4-6 IPL treatments with about a 3 weeks interval between. People usually treat the entire face or neck / décolletage. The method is scientifically proven to be effective, and studies show that skin rejuvenation after IPL treatment lasts about five years.

Redness and disruptive blood vessels with IPL

Vascularity located superficially on the nose, cheeks and neck are perceived by many as aesthetically undesirable. They occur especially in people who expose themselves to too much sun, wind or cold. Even in people who suffer from the disease Rosacea is the skin redness common. If you suffer from very pervasive rosacea we recommend that you get treatment from our dermatologist before the IPL treatment. IPL is very effective against veins and redness of the skin and the effect is often seen immediately, when the superficial blood vessels constrict and disappear.

IPL treatment of hyperpigmentation

IPL is also an effective treatment for age spots and uneven pigmentation. Problems with the pigments usually occur after too much sun exposure and exists mostly on the face, arms and hands. One or a few light treatments are usually sufficient. The improvement will be gradual and in a few weeks, most of the pigment spots will be gone.

Is your skin is aging abnormally after too much exposure to the sun or do you suffer from unsightly spider veins and liver spots? Are you embarrassed by the hair on various parts of your body? Contact us for effective IPL treatment, and get a more youthful and fresher skin.

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