A facelift may be suitable when the elasticity of the skin decreases and subcutaneous layer becomes out as one ages. The result is flabby and wrinkled skin, which clearly shows on the lower part of face and neck. External factors such as smoking, diet, alcohol and tanning also contribute to skin aging and make your face look more tired. With a facelift we combat this effectively, and you get a smoother, fresher looking face. A face lift has an especially great impact on the chin and neck. The skin will be noticeably smoother. Wrinkles at the corners of the mouth can also be treated with dermabrasion, peeling or lasers.

Many patients choose to combine facelifts with eyelid surgery, forehead lifts, or liposuction of the chin. Regardless of the combination, we always aim for our treatments to give you a more youthful and fresher look.

Examples of the before and after of a facelift.

Surgery in Estetikcentrum

How is a facelift performed?

During a facelift our plastic surgeons makes an incision along the temple, as well as in front and behind the ears. The incision is therefore practically invisible. The skin is detached from the underlying structures and muscles are stretched backwards and upwards, which allows for the skin being draped into a new location. During the operation, you get light anesthesics and won’t feel any pain.

Before and after

Following a surgery

Before you go home after the surgery we remove the first bandage and replace it with a new one. This bandage will remain in place during all hours until it is time to revisit us after a week. The first few days following the surgery can be painful, but the pain can effectively be alleviated with painkillers, which we of course provide. Bruising and swelling will sustain for 1 -2 weeks and then gradually disappear. It is important that you keep your head elevated for a while and therefore it is recommended to add a few extra pillows under your head when you sleep. You must also only eat soft food for a while and be careful not to expose the face to intense cold, since the cheeks have temporarily reduced sensation after surgery. Always listen to your body’s signals.

It might take up to 6 months before the results of the facelift can be evaluated, but you after the removal of the stitches you will see a noticeable improvement. Despite this, it is important to have realistic expectations. We will of course tell you this before the operation is performed.

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Everyone has individual circumstances and desires. Maybe you want to look younger or have been in an accident or have an illness that has changed the appearance of your face. Whatever the reason, you are welcome to contact us for an initial consultation. We then go through your desires and expectations together and determine what treatment may be appropriate for you. Of course, you also get information about the price and queue time. With us, you will always feel safe and be ensure of a treatment in a friendly and professional manner. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns about what our experienced plastic surgeons have to offer you.

We wish you a very warm welcome to visit us at Estetikcentrum!

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