Intimate surgery

Intimate surgery

We at Estetikcentrum offer intimate surgery for female patients. For your safety and convenience, a female doctor who specializes in gynecological surgery performs all procedures within aesthetic gynecology. We offer a full range of operations in the intimate surgery and have extensive experience in the field. Female genital cosmetic surgery is a growing field within plastic surgery. We offer a variety of options designed to enhance or rejuvenate the female genitalia. The goal is to eliminate functional problems that could have major psychological benefits for patients.

What happens before the intimate surgery?

Before surgery, you will meet our experienced female specialist surgeon. Together, we review your expectations and questions and all treatments will be tailored individually to suit you best. It is common that one is a little nervous before the surgery, and it can also be a bit embarrassing because it is about an intimate area of the body. It is normal and our helpful and experienced staff will take care of you in the best way. With us you will feel safe and comfortable. If you want, you will get to see the before and after pictures of the surgery in order to get a feel for what we can achieve surgically for you.

You should also refrain from smoking two weeks before the day of surgery, and it is also important to be completely smoke-free during the healing process after surgery. For your well being, we recommend that you stop completely.

Intima surgery at Estetikcentrum


Intimate surgery

The surgeries are usually performed under general anesthesia, and give high satisfactory and few complications. At the initial consultation, you will get all the information about the risks of intimate surgery.

Many aesthetic gynecological operations can be performed.
The most requested are:



Labia majora

Many women find that the outer labia loses its charter and becomes larger with age or pregnancy and childbirth. The problem can also be congenital. The size of the external genitalia is primarily an aesthetic problem, but it can also create difficulties to wear tight clothes, play sports and become an obstacle in your sex life. During surgery, we adjust the size of the labia majora by thinning. The scar is located on the labia top and runs along the thinning area. After surgery, the outer labia will harmonize better in size with the interior labia. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Afterwards, a certain numbness might show up in the area, but it is temporary in nature. In general, you can go home the same day as the surgery is performed.

Is the labia majora too small, we have the ability to perform the corresponding engagement, that is, an enlargement of the external genitalia. This operation, however, is a bit more unusual.


Labia minora

Increased growth of the inner labia can cause pain, irritation, and discomfort with tight fitting clothes. Correction of the labia minora aims to make them harmonize better in shape and size. The inner labia top is surrounded by a fold, the clitoris. Clitoral area is affected of course by our interior intimate surgery but will continue to be a sensitive and raised area.

The aim of a reduction of the labia minora is that they will end up being level and lie within the outer labia. There are scars formed on lengthwise on top of the labia minora. Alternatively, one can add a V-shaped cut on the vertical mid labials


Vaginal tightening surgery (Vaginoplasty)

This method is usually a combination of the reduction of the labia minora with a concurrent narrowing of the vaginal opening. The surgery helps woman and her partner to experience increased sexual satisfaction. The procedure is common after childbirth, for example, when one perceives that the vaginal muscles have loosened and sexual intimacy is adversely affected. Often you can also deal with incontinence problems that occur with age or childbearing with this procedure. It may also be combined with a reduction of the labia majora.

We are experiencing an increasing demand for intimate surgery and are pleased to help our patients to have a better sex life and self-esteem. Are you interested in knowing what we could do for you? Do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation.

You can book a time here online for consultation with our specialists.

You can also call us at 040-65 66 660.

We wish you a very warm welcome to visit us at the Estetikcentrum!

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