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There are two methods of treatment to make your arms slimmer and more beautiful: liposuction and inner arm plasty. The former is suitable mainly for younger women with large upper arms, where the fat is sucked out without having to do a surgical skin stretching. However, many patients also have problems with saggy and excessive skin. Then an incision is made on the inside of the arm and the excess skin is removed.

Armplastik på Estetikcentrum i Malmö

 Before & After pictures – Armlift

Before a arm lift

When you visit us for an initial consultation, we listen to your expectations, wishes and answer all the questions that you have. You get information about the price, an approximate idea of what the end result will be and how long the waiting period is.

We also go through your health status and our nurse will tell you how you can prepare in the best way for the operation. Sometimes the scar after an arm lift is bigger than what you had originally planned. Therefore, the treatment of the scar is very important and you get all the information about self-care of the cut so that the result becomes as good as possible.

How an arm lift is done

The objective is to stretch the of excess skin of the arm well. This is best achieved by adding a cut on the inside of the upper arm. The incision usually goes from the armpit down almost to the elbow. The scar length depends on how much skin must be removed. You get either general anesthetics or sedatives and local anesthesia. Again, this depends on the extent of skin removal and liposuction.

After the operation

You will be well looked after at our clinic. When the operation is complete, the incision is sewn together. An elastic brace up to the armpit is necessary for almost all patients. Swelling of the forearm and hand is present in some patients, but usually disappears after a few days. It is important that you do not have the arms hanging down along the sides because it can easily result in tingling and swelling. It is preferred to have them resting on a pillow so that the arms are in a raised position. The stitches after arm lift surgery are removed after about 14 days. You of course get a time for a revisit appointment and you can also reach out to us if you have anything to ask after the surgery.

After a arm lift most patients can get back to work after just over a week’s time. That is assuming that you have a fairly sedentary job. After three weeks it is appropriate to perform light physical activity. It is very important to protect the scar from sunlight during the coming year. The scar after surgery will remain, but it fades more and more with time and is soon reduced to a fairly discreet white line.

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