Labia Operations at Estetikcentrum in Malmö

A labia operation is a surgical procedure of the labia that is performed for both functional and aesthetic reasons. The most common wish of our patients is to reduce the size of the labia.

Many women feel that the outer labia lose their stature and grow larger with increasing age or through pregnancies and childbirth. The problem can also be inherited.

The size of the outer labia is primarily an aesthetic problem, but it can also create difficulties in wearing tight clothes, doing sports, and be an obstacle in your sex life. Increased growth of the inner labia can also cause pain, irritation, and discomfort when wearing tight clothes.

At Estetikcentrum in Malmö we have extensive experience in cosmetic labia surgery. All procedures of an aesthetic gynecological nature are performed by a female doctor specializing in gynecological surgeries.

We offer a full range of treatments in this type of intimate surgery and have extensive experience in the area. Female genital cosmetic surgery is a growing field in plastic surgery.

We offer a variety of ways to improve or rejuvenate the female genitalia. The goal is to eliminate functionality issues, improvements that can have major psychological advantages to our patients.


What happens before labia surgery?

Before the operation, you will meet our experienced female specialist surgeon. Together we go through your expectations and questions, and all treatments are tailored individually to suit your needs.

It’s common to feel a little nervous or embarrassed before an intimate surgical procedure, as are talking about an intimate part of the body. This is perfectly normal and our helpful and experienced staff will take care of you in the best possible way. When you’re with us you will feel safe and comfortable.

If you wish, you will be able to see some before and after photos of the procedure so that you get a feel for what we can achieve with an intimate surgical operation.

You should refrain from smoking two weeks before the day of surgery and it’s also important to be completely smoke-free during the healing process after the procedure. For the sake of your well-being, we recommend that you quit smoking altogether.


Estetikcentrum on Intimate Surgeries

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Risks and complications of intimate surgeries

The methods we use are typically performed under general anesthesia, which leads to high satisfaction levels and few complications. At the initial consultation you will receive all information needed about the risks of intimate surgeries.

Labia Plastic Surgery

Operation of the outer labia

In this type of labia plastic surgery, we correct the size of the outer labia y making it thinner. The scar lies at the top of the labia and runs along the narrowing area. After surgery, the sizes of the outer labia will harmonize better with one another as well as with the inner labia.

Surgery of the external labia is performed under general anesthesia. Afterwards, a sense of numbness can be experienced in the area, but this will soon go away. In general, you can go home as early as the same day that the operation is performed.

If the external labia are too small, we also have the ability to perform the opposite procedure, i.e. an enlargement of the external genitalia. However, this operation is not as common.


Increased growth of the inner labia can cause pain, irritation, and discomfort when wearing tight clothing. A correction of the inner labia aims to make them harmonize better both in shape and size.

The top of the inner labia encloses through a fold, the clitoris. The clitoral area is of course not affected by our inner intimate surgical procedures and will continue to be a sensitive and elevated area.

The goal of an operation of the inner labia is to keep it level and to inside the outer labia. This results in scars along the top of the inner labia. Alternatively, you can place a V-shaped cut vertically in the middle of the labia.

Book your appointment online for a consultation with one of our specialists.

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We perform many aesthetic intimate surgeries. Read more under Intimate Surgery.

A warm welcome to us at Estetikcentrum in Malmö for your labia operation!


Prices Labia Surgery

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Risker och komplikationer med intimkirurgi

Metoderna utförs vanligtvis under narkos, ger hög tillfredsställande och få komplikationer. Vid den inledande konsultationen kommer du att få all information om riskerna med intimkirurgi.


Yttre blygdläpp operation

Vid denna blygdläppsoperation korrigerar vi storleken på de yttre blygdläpparna genom uttunning. Ärret ligger vid blygdläpparnas topp och löper längs med försmalningsområdet. Efter operation kommer de yttre blygdläpparnas storlek att harmonisera bättre med varandra och de inre.

Operation av yttre blygdläppar utförs i narkos. Efteråt kan en viss bedövningskänsla infinna sig i området, men den är av övergående art. I allmänhet kan du gå hem redan samma dag som operationen utförs.

Är de yttre blygdläpparna alltför små har vi också möjlighet att utföra motsvarande ingrepp, det vill säga en förstoring av de yttre genitalierna. Denna operation är dock lite mer ovanlig.


Ökade tillväxt av inre blygdläpparna kan orsaka smärta, irritation, och obehag med åtsittande kläder. Korrektion av de inre blygdläpparna syftar till att få dem att harmonisera bättre i form och storlek.

De inre blygdläpparnas topp omsluter genom ett veck, klitoris. Klitorisområdet påverkas naturligtvis inte av våra inre intim kirurgiska ingrepp utan kommer fortsatt att vara ett känsligt och upphöjt område.

Målet vid en operation av inre blygdläppar är att de ska hamna i nivå och ligga innanför de yttre blygdläpparna. Det görs med ärr på längsgående är på toppen av de inre blygdläpparna. Alternativt kan man lägga ett V-format snitt vertikalt mitt på blygdläppen.

Här bokar du tid online för konsultation till våra specialister.

Du kan också ringa oss på 040-65 66 660.

Vi utför många estetiska gynekologiska operationer. Lär mer under Intimkirurgi.

Varmt välkommen till oss på Estetikcentrum i Malmö för att utföra din blygdläppsoperation!


Priser Blygdläppsplastik

För hjälp med finansering kontakta Resurs Bank.


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