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Diode laser hair removal on Estetikcentrum

Skin therapist performing diode laser hair removal

Diode laser hair removal is a safe and effective way to permanently remove hair from various parts of the body.

Diode laser hair removal in Malmö, Sweden

Do you have troublesome hair growth that you would like to remove permanently? Diode laser hair removal is one of the most recognized and high quality laser treatments for permanent hair removal in the world.

Diode laser hair removal is a method used to permanently reduce unwanted hair growth on different parts of the body.

The principle behind diode laser hair removal is selective photothermolysis. During the treatment, the laser emits a concentrated beam of light of a specific wavelength, usually around 800 nm, which is directed at the hair follicles. The pigment in the hair, melanin, absorbs the light and converts it into heat energy. The heat is transferred to the hair follicle, destroying it and preventing hair growth.

The wavelength of the diode laser is optimized to hit hair follicles deep under the skin with minimal impact on the surrounding tissue. This allows diode lasers to treat larger areas quickly and effectively.

Quick facts

"Always an equally nice and familiar reception both at the reception by the girls there and by skin therapist Magdalena who I highly recommend for her personal commitment and expertise."
- Amanda

Permanent hair removal at Estetikcentrum

Price from 595 sek


We offer interest-free partial payment

Time in the clinic

Treatment: 30 minutes

Permanent hair removal with diode laser on man

Why choose Estetikcentrum?

At Estetikcentrum you will find certified skin therapists with many years of experience.

Our certified skin therapists have extensive experience in both aesthetic and medical skin care.

To ensure that your treatment has the best possible results, we always use the latest equipment for your treatments.

Most of our treatments are relatively painless, but should you wish, there is the option of a numbing cream before your treatment.

Why choose a diode laser for hair removal?

The diode laser has a uniform light beam whose wavelengths are optimized for permanent hair removal.

Diode laser on Estetikcentrum

Using highly concentrated energy, the diode laser produces a very effective result. Our modern laser machine for permanent hair removal is called Spirit-918 and is manufactured by the well-known company Active.

Facts about permanent hair removal

In permanent hair removal with a diode laser, light waves are sent into the hair's pigment and converted into heat. Heat closes the hair follicle and burns away the hair. The production of new hair is stopped. The treatment is fully adapted to you: your skin type, skin color and hair type.

Laser treatment for hair removal requires repeated treatments, about 4-7 times per treatment area.

After treatment, some skin redness and swelling may occur, but this subsides within a few hours. This indicates that the treatment has been effective and has reached the hair follicles.

Protect the treated area from the sun, waxing and plucking hair for 2-4 weeks after treatment. Also be careful with perfumed skin creams during the first period to avoid irritation of the follicles.

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Our skilled skin therapists
give you the results you are looking for

Our experienced skin therapists are here to meet your needs, from facials to body treatments and advice on skin problems.

If you have any questions about skin care on Estetikcentrum , feel free to contact us on 040 656 66 60. We can answer your questions and help you book an appointment.

Frequently asked questions

Read the answers to the most common questions we receive about permanent hair removal below. If you have other questions, feel free to contact us.

Usually 4-7 treatments are required every 6 weeks, but you will notice a difference after the first few treatments.

Hook: 595 sek

Face: 1595 sek

Neck: 1195 sek

Upper lip: 595 sek

Upper lip + chin: 1195 sek

Neck: 1195 sek

Shoulders: 1995 sek

Bikini line: 1195 sek

Brazilian: 1595 sek

Lower legs: 1595 sek

Whole bone: 2995 sek

Back - female: 2695 sek

Back - male: 2995 sek

Armpit: 995 sek

Chest + stomach: 3195 sek

Buttocks: 1195 sek

Magstrand: 595 sek

Underarms: 995 sek

Whole arms: 1995 sek

Hands: 695 sek

Feet: 995 sek

Single straws: 595 sek

Package 1 - Full body: 5995 sek
(full legs, full arms, Brazilian, armpit) 

Package 2 - Full body: 9900 sek
(whole legs, whole arms, Brazilian, armpit, back, face)   

Package 3 - Full body: 11 845 sek
(full legs, full arms, armpit, back, face, neck, bikini line)

You can book an appointment directly online here

You can also call us on 040 656 66 60 to make an appointment.

Yes - thanks to the different energy levels in our laser machine, it is effective even on lighter and red hair, but not on white hair. There must be pigment in the hair for the laser to work.

Are you unsure? Book a free consultation with us first so we can determine if the laser will work for you.

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I had a very positive experience at the clinic! The staff was friendly and professional, and the doctor was knowledgeable and responsive to my needs.
Would like to give Estetikcentrum a strong 5. They are fantastic. Everything from the friendly reception to the whole operation.

I was treated so well, the dentist Randa and the hygienist were very professional and warm. The whole experience at Estetikcentrum was fantastic!

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