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Woman eating salad next to the Allurion balloon displayed in coordinator's hands

Change your lifestyle and lose 10-15% of your body weight in 4 months with Allurion. The Allurion program is perfect for those who want to adopt a healthy lifestyle and lose weight - permanently!

Allurion - the fast track to a healthy lifestyle

Discover Allurion - the program that helps you lose weight without feeling hungry using a soft stomach balloon.

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Quick facts

"During these 4 months I have received fantastic help, support and encouragement from Samantha the dietician who is absolutely amazing.
- Wilma

The Allurion program by mag balloon

6 month program: 37 900 sek


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How does the placement of the Allurion balloon work?

How does the placement of the Allurion balloon work?

Placement consists of four simple steps and takes a total of 20 minutes:

Graphic on the Allurion program showing how the placement of the balloon takes place.
Play video on Graphics on the Allurion program showing how to place the balloon.

Dr. Ali Bagher talks about the Allurion program

Dr. Ali Bagher holding the Allurion balloon


Placement of mag balloon

Initially, Dr. Ali Bagher helps you swallow a capsule, which is then filled with water and becomes a balloon in your stomach. The balloon stays in the stomach for four months and contributes to a strong feeling of fullness as it takes up space in the stomach.

The contents of the balloon consist of salt water with minerals that are completely harmless to the body. The balloon is designed to burst after four months and come out naturally.

The Allurion balloon is not a permanent procedure and no anesthesia or endoscopy is required to place or remove the balloon.

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Dietary advice

For six months, you have a dedicated nutritionist, Samantha, who will educate you on nutrition and health and help you make healthy choices.

Together with Samantha, you will create new routines that suit you and your life in the long term. Samantha will also help you learn how different types of food and drink affect your body so that after the program you can maintain your new lifestyle.

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Madeleine is our coordinator and your personal coach on the Allurion program. She provides you with guidance and support throughout your treatment and is by your side whenever you need her to answer your questions and concerns. You can reach Madeleine by email or phone any day of the week.

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Your future after the balloon

You will continue to see Madeleine and Samantha for two months after the balloon has burst and you feel hungry as usual, to guide you back to normal hunger with your new lifestyle.

After your six months on the program, you will have all the tools you need to continue your new lifestyle and maintain your weight.

Before and after pictures

Before and after picture of a woman who went through the Allurion program at the Estetikcentrum

Allurion program, female

Before and after picture of a happy woman who completed the Allurion program at the Estetikcentrum

Allurion program, female

Before and after picture of a man who went through the Allurion program at the Estetikcentrum

Allurion program, man

Our Allurion team helps you
achieve sustainable results.

Our Allurion team has completed many placements and programs with incredible results.

Chief medical officer and aesthetic surgeon

If you have any questions or concerns about the Allurion program and weight loss, please feel free to contact us. We are here for you and are happy to answer your questions about the procedure, prices, waiting time and other issues.

Frequently asked questions

Read the answers to the most common questions we receive about Allurion below. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us.

In general, we usually recommend Allurion to those with a BMI between 27 and 40, but there are exceptions as body composition varies greatly from person to person. Therefore, the surgeon will determine whether the program is suitable for you at your consultation.

During the program you have 10 scheduled meetings, 3 of which are mandatory to attend the clinic. These meetings are:

  • Consultation & medical assessment

  • Start-up dietary advice

  • Placement of the balloon

The remaining appointments with dietitians can be made online by video conference or in person.


You get help. Everyone is given two attempts to swallow the capsule themselves. If you can't do it, the surgeon will help by making the catheter stiffer with a thicker one thread so that he can bring it down and help, while you drink water and swallow.

It is plain water enriched with salt and minerals to suit the body's own environment - natural substances that are not harmful to the body.
The balloon is designed to give you a boost because you won't be hungry for the first few months. In the meantime, you'll meet with your dietician to help you create new, healthy habits. Once the balloon bursts after 16 weeks, you will have a new routine that will make it much easier for you to maintain your weight afterwards.
If the balloon bursts before 12 weeks, you are entitled to a new balloon under warranty. If it bursts after 12 weeks, you continue the program as with your dietician as usual.
60% do not feel it burst, because the balloon casing is made of a vegetable substance that allows the balloon to be broken down naturally by the body and passed in the stool. So you don't see the balloon in your stool.
Some people get a little loose in the stomach when the balloon bursts, but it doesn't hurt or cause any problems for the body.
Some people feel that the rapid feeling of satiety has subsided. At around 16 weeks, the surgeon performs a final scan to make sure the balloon is out.

Allurion has a patented technology that allows the balloon to burst on its own after about 16 weeks in the stomach.

Small holes open up and the contents start to leak and then the body breaks down the casing, which leaves the body naturally.

You will not notice this process.


We recommend that you do not drink alcohol, caffeinated drinks or carbonated drinks for the next 16 weeks. These drinks increase the production of acid which can contribute to unnecessary acid reflux which can be uncomfortable.

The acidic pH that caffeine, carbonated drinks and alcohol create in the stomach also speeds up the process of balloon bursting, which can then shorten the life of the balloon.

During the Allurion program, you have constant contact and support from our team, who together do everything possible to help you lose weight.

It is extremely rare to not lose weight on the program. If your weight is not moving, your dietician will see this and give you more tools to increase your metabolism.

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BMI, or Body Mass Index, is an international guideline for body weight. This calculator shows how different BMI values classify the limits of underweight, normal weight and overweight.

Calculate your BMI by entering your weight in kilograms and your height in meters.


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