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Patient in recovery after surgery on Estetikcentrum

Abdominoplasty and liposuction


Marie-Louise had a major abdominoplasty and liposuction of the upper abdomen at Estetikcentrum.

Here she talks about how the consultation with Dr. Ali Bagher and his great reception made her choose Estetikcentrum after visiting several clinics, and about the quick process from consultation to surgery.

Marie-Louise's surgery was divided into two sessions, which made her feel calm about the procedure. Since the first surgery with liposuction went so well, she didn't worry about the big tummy tuck.

"The experience afterwards was one of happiness and euphoria for having the courage to do it, something I had been thinking about for so long"

Patient tells about abdominoplasty with liposuction at Estetikcentrum
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Breast augmentation


Martina describes her breast augmentation experience on Estetikcentrum. She chose Estetikcentrum after consultations at several clinics, thanks to Dr. Ali Bagher's honest and trustworthy reception.

Martina felt she got all the information she needed before her surgery, and the reception from everyone at the clinic, especially the nurses, was fantastic.

She describes how anesthesiologist Dr. John Lange helped her imagine she was lying on a beach with a drink before falling asleep.

"What scars? They are barely visible. I am incredibly happy with them, they have healed well."

Patient talks about breast augmentation at Estetikcentrum
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Armplasty and breast lift


Anna has had an arm lift and a breast lift at Estetikcentrum, smoothing out her unevenly sized breasts.

Having worked in healthcare for many years, she was very aware of what she wanted from her surgery.

She read reviews about Estetikcentrum and decided on the spot after a consultation with Dr. Ali Bagher.

In this video, Anna describes the great treatment she received from everyone at Estetikcentrum and how she felt after her surgery.

"I sometimes find myself forgetting to put on a bra in the morning now and no one would know that I'm not wearing a bra."

Patient tells about arm surgery and breast lift at Estetikcentrum
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Nasal surgery


Nathalie talks about her nose surgery at Estetikcentrum.

Although she chose Estetikcentrum because it was close by, she was pleasantly surprised by the personalized service and care at the clinic.

The consultation with Dr. Farooq Nasseri made Nathalie feel that her dream nose was absolutely possible, and she felt completely safe in Farooq's hands.

She explains that it was nice to know that someone was always there before and after the surgery, and she had an incredibly good overall experience at Estetikcentrum.

"I feel much more comfortable with how I look now compared to before"

Patient talks about rhinoplasty
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Liposuction and abdominoplasty


Emma talks about her experience as a patient at Estetikcentrum. She had liposuction on several parts of her body and a tummy tuck.

She describes that she gained confidence in the clinic immediately when she visited us at the open house. After the consultation with Dr. Ali Bagher, the process went quickly and she was operated on two weeks later.

Emma was surprised at how well she felt immediately after the surgery and thanks anesthesiologist Dr. John Lange for that. The warm welcome from all the staff at Estetikcentrum made her feel safe throughout the process.

"The best part is that I know I'm in good hands at Estetikcentrum and I highly recommend you."

Patient talks about abdominoplasty and liposuction
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