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Cellulite-free legs with LPG treatment

LPG is an in-depth massage that treats cellulite. By manipulating the tissue, it helps to smooth the surface of the skin and reduce the accumulation of fat cells. LPG can also be used to shape and contour the body.

Cellulite treatment with LPG in Malmö

LPG is a deep massage that provides visibly firmer and smoother skin through advanced cellular stimulation. It is a popular and versatile anti-aging treatment that:

LPG-The treatment provides a detox and contributes to increased blood circulation, metabolism and improved oxygenation. It also has several other positive effects on the body and its appearance.

Our cellulite treatment with LPG at Estetikcentrum in Malmö also improves lymphatic circulation, making it easier to remove waste products, toxins and excess fluid from the body. The treatment is similar to an exclusive massage with even better effects thanks to the machine we use.

The treatment also stimulates collagen production and improves blood circulation, resulting in improved skin tone and elasticity. It can make the skin firmer and give a more youthful appearance.

Quick facts

"I have had ten Lpg treatments with super professional Jasmina Pivic. I'm so happy; I'm bouncing around; I've got a much nicer figure, but the most important thing is that my lymph has come back to life."
- Eva

Cellulite treatment at Estetikcentrum

LPG from 795 sek


We offer interest-free partial payment

Time in the clinic

Treatment: 45 minutes

Skin therapist performs LPG treatment

Why choose Estetikcentrum?

At Estetikcentrum , certified skin therapists with many years of experience will welcome you in the best possible way.

Our certified skin therapists have extensive experience in both aesthetic and medical skin care.

To ensure that your treatment has the best possible results, we always use the latest equipment for your treatments.

In addition to the high-tech machines used, there is a wide range of products to boost your treatment. We only use products that are CE certified and recommended for your treatment.

How LPG massage works

LPG Endermologie is a popular anti-aging treatment that combines the massage methods of connective tissue massage and lymphatic drainage. The treatment is performed with the unique Cellu M6® Alliance machine that can be used on both the body and face.

How does LPG work?

During the treatment, you wear a body stocking to protect your skin and to facilitate the movement of the machine during the treatment. LPG is performed through a mechanical deep connective tissue massage that uses motorized rollers and vacuum suction to massage the body. The treatment takes about 45 minutes when treating three areas of the body. The treatment is both painless and relaxing.

Advantages of LPG

There are several reasons why treatment with LPG may be right for you. The results are versatile and contribute to the achievement of several different goals.

Reduced fat deposits, cellulite or sagging skin? This can be achieved through continuous treatments.
Relaxing results before and after exercise. LPG empties the body of waste products and lactic acid, allowing for faster recovery after strenuous physical activity.

The number of treatments varies from person to person. You can do spontaneous treatments for increased well-being or a course of 10 treatments with visits twice a week for the best possible results on cellulite and a slimmer body contour. If you do LPG after liposuction, 4 treatments over a month are usually enough. It is important to remember that the duration of results is highly individual and depends on several factors, such as age, lifestyle and diet.

Cellulite-free thighs after Lpg treatment

Our skilled skin therapists
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Our experienced skin therapists are here to meet your needs, from facials to body treatments and advice on skin problems.

Skin therapist

Skin therapist

Skin therapist

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If you have any questions about skincare and body treatments on Estetikcentrum , feel free to contact us on 040 656 66 60. We can answer your questions and help you book an appointment.

Frequently asked questions

Read the answers to the most common questions we receive about LPG cellulite treatment below. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us.

LPG is suitable for most people, both men and women. However, you should not do the treatment if you:

  • Has cancer
  • Have an ongoing infection
  • Have inflammation
  • Taking blood-thinning medicine
  • Has a blood disorder
  • Is pregnant

Book a free consultation today to find out if the treatment is right for you and what it can do for you.

Drink plenty of water both before and after your treatment with LPG. This helps your body to accept the treatment and makes a difference to your results. 

Your treatment with LPG is tailored to your needs and wishes: 

Face: 1195 sek

Full body 45 min (3 optional areas): 1395 sek

Express treatment 15 min: 795 sek

Package price 10 treatments: 9 990 sek

Skin rejuvenation deluxe with LPG 60 min: 1195 sek

You can book an appointment directly online here

You can also call us on 040 656 66 60 to make an appointment.

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I had a very positive experience at the clinic! The staff was friendly and professional, and the doctor was knowledgeable and responsive to my needs.
Would like to give Estetikcentrum a strong 5. They are fantastic. Everything from the friendly reception to the whole operation.

I was treated so well, the dentist Randa and the hygienist were very professional and warm. The whole experience at Estetikcentrum was fantastic!

Pay for your treatment or surgery in instalments without interest

Borrow 30 000 sek

Pay 1 200 sek /month

We make it easy for you to split the payment in a way that suits you. The monthly cost is calculated on a 36-month loan.

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