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Microneedling at Estetikcentrum

Microneedling at Estetikcentrum in Malmö

Treat acne scars, age spots and other skin damage with microneedling. This treatment, which creates tiny holes to stimulate collagen production and minimize scars, is perfect for those who want smoother, more even skin.

in Malmö

Microneedling is a treatment where the skin is gently penetrated by microscopic needles that create micro-injuries. These allow the skin to naturally increase the production of collagen and elastin. Microneedling can treat:

Microneedling both rejuvenates the skin and helps with a number of skin problems. The treatment has shown amazing results for people with scars, age spots and burns.

The number of treatments needed for best results depends on what you want to address and your starting point. This is why we always do a consultation with our skin therapist, so you can ask any questions and get answers before the treatment begins.

Quick facts

"I can only say good words about this clinic and its staff. Did Microneedling with Jacqueline and am so happy with my treatments. When you are with her, you are guaranteed to be in good hands. Highly recommended!"
- Melissa

Microneedling at Estetikcentrum

Price from 1 195 sek


We offer interest-free partial payment

Time in the clinic

Consultation: 15 minutes
Treatment: 30 minutes

Why choose Estetikcentrum?

At Estetikcentrum , certified skin therapists with many years of experience will welcome you in the best possible way.

Our certified skin therapists have extensive experience in both aesthetic and medical skin care.

To ensure that your treatment has the best possible results, we always use the latest equipment for your treatments.

Most of our treatments are relatively painless, but should you wish, there is the option of a numbing cream before your treatment.

Man with uneven skin before microneedling treatment

Benefits of microneedling

Microneedling has several benefits when it comes to improving the appearance and texture of the skin. Here are some of the benefits associated with microneedling treatments:

Results of microneedling

You may initially experience slight burning, irritation and redness of the skin. The worst will subside after a few hours and your redness should have completely disappeared after 3 days. After recovery, the skin becomes more even in texture and color, and the results are very long-lasting.

How does microneedling work?

A consultation is done during or before your treatment. The skin therapist will look at your skin and see which needle length is suitable for your skin type and how many treatments they think you might need.

During the treatment, the skin therapist goes over the face with the machine, whose tiny, sterile micro-needles create micro-injuries in the skin tissue. The speed of the needles is between 50-150 times per second and their depth is between 0.5-2 mm, depending on how thin the skin is and the area being treated.

During the treatment, red blood cells are released in the tissue, which the skin's natural defenses perceive as damage, and the natural healing process is activated by the production of collagen is greatly increased after the treatment.

Our skilled skin therapists
give you the results you are looking for

Our experienced skin therapists are here for your skin care, from aesthetic to medical treatments.

If you have any questions about skin care on Estetikcentrum , feel free to contact us on 040 656 66 60. We can answer your questions and help you book an appointment.

Frequently asked questions

Read the answers to the most common questions we receive about microneedling below. If you have other questions, feel free to contact us.

The treatment may cause some discomfort, and some areas may be more painful than others. This can be prevented with anesthetic cream if you are sensitive to pain.

A microneedling treatment costs 1195. sek.

If you want to combine microneedling with another treatment, there is a cost for that treatment as well.

Book a consultation to see which treatment is best for you.

Microneedling can be repeated every four to six weeks as needed. Boosting collagen production usually requires three treatments, while reducing scars often requires more treatments. There should always be four to six weeks between treatments.

You can book an appointment directly online here

You can also call us on 040 656 66 60 to make an appointment.

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I had a very positive experience at the clinic! The staff was friendly and professional, and the doctor was knowledgeable and responsive to my needs.
Would like to give Estetikcentrum a strong 5. They are fantastic. Everything from the friendly reception to the whole operation.

I was treated so well, the dentist Randa and the hygienist were very professional and warm. The whole experience at Estetikcentrum was fantastic!

Pay for your treatment or surgery in instalments without interest

Borrow 30 000 sek

Pay 1 200 sek /month

We make it easy for you to split the payment in a way that suits you. The monthly cost is calculated on a 36-month loan.

Do you have a question about Microneedling?

Ask your question below and we will contact you. You can choose whether you want to be contacted by phone or by email.