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Hydrated skin with PRX-T33 facial treatment

PRX-T33 is a treatment for those who want to rejuvenate their skin without surgery or needles. With a chemical peel that penetrates the skin, this is a completely painless treatment.

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Do you have problems with dry skin, pigmentation, stretch marks, scars or skin irregularities? The effective chemical peel PRX-T33 gives you younger looking skin without surgery or injections.

PRX-T33 consists mainly of three ingredients: trichloroacetic acid (TCA), peroxide (H2O2) and a biostimulator, which is usually coenzyme Q10. This combination works by penetrating deep into the skin and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, which are key components of the skin's structure and elasticity.

It is not necessary to use needles to get the substance into the skin, meaning it is a completely painless treatment. Instead, the solution penetrates the skin like a face mask and stimulates the production of new skin cells and collagen, which can improve skin firmness, texture, radiance and reduce signs of ageing and sun damage.

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"Have done a PRX treatment course with Sara. I feel well taken care of, well treated and above all that she is knowledgeable in what she does. Can really recommend."
- Veronica

Facial treatment PRX-T33

Price from 1 990 sek


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Time in the clinic

Treatment time: 30 minutes

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Why choose Estetikcentrum?

At Estetikcentrum , certified skin therapists with many years of experience will welcome you in the best possible way.

Our certified skin therapists have extensive experience in both the aesthetic and medical aspects of your skin.

When you come to us, you can rest assured that we only use CE-approved products and internationally recognized brands.

The treatments we offer at Estetikcentrum have been shown in studies to improve the quality of life for patients. They are well proven and always performed by experienced and qualified staff.

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What can I treat with PRX-T33?

PRX-T33 is the next generation of anti-aging and is perfect for those who want to get younger looking skin without surgery. Below we list some of the benefits of the treatment:

Advantages of PRX-T33

One of the advantages of PRX-T33 is that it provides immediate results. The treatment can improve the appearance of the skin after the first treatment. However, we recommend several treatments to achieve optimal results, depending on your individual needs and the condition of your skin.

Things to consider when treating with PRX-T33

Before undergoing a PRX-T33 treatment, you should finish any retinol treatment at least 14 days before the booked appointment. After the PRX-T33 treatment, you can resume retinol treatment. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should avoid the treatment. You should also avoid the sun for two days after treatment and avoid shaving or waxing the treated area.

There are some potential side effects to be aware of. After treatment, some people may experience slight redness. Flaking is uncommon but can occur in people with a thick layer of horn. Dehydration can cause dark spots. These disappear a few days after treatment and can be treated with a moisturizing cream.

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Frequently asked questions

Read the answers to the most common questions we receive about PRX-T33 below. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Before the treatment, the face is washed and then two to five layers of PRX-T33 are applied by massage. During the treatment, the skin's collagen production is stimulated, resulting in fuller skin, smaller pores, scars, wrinkles and pigment spots. The skin is deeply moisturized and it continues to work long after the treatment ends. After the massage, the peeling is removed with water. Finally, you will receive a layer of soothing and nourishing cream. For the best and most long-lasting effect, the treatment should be repeated three to four times at intervals of one week.

PRX-T33-treatment: 1 990 sek

Package price 5 treatments: 7 490 sek

PRX-T33 + Microneedling: 3 195 sek

Yes, it is possible to do fillers after the PRX-T33 treatment. PRX-T33 can actually be combined with other anti-aging treatments such as fillers, Botox, threads and microneedling to increase their effect and longer durability.

This is best avoided as you should not wash your face on the same day. The next day you can reapply makeup.
After a PRX-T33 treatment you will not be as sensitive to the sun as with traditional chemical peels, but we still recommend avoiding the sun for a few days after the treatment. This is to prevent possible sun damage such as pigmentation and to protect the skin from premature aging. 
A scrub often has coarse-grained particles while an exfoliator has finer grains that are softer on the skin. A good peel removes dead skin cells, helps to eliminate deposits and also helps to allow other products to be well absorbed by the skin.

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I had a very positive experience at the clinic! The staff was friendly and professional, and the doctor was knowledgeable and responsive to my needs.
Would like to give Estetikcentrum a strong 5. They are fantastic. Everything from the friendly reception to the whole operation.

I was treated so well, the dentist Randa and the hygienist were very professional and warm. The whole experience at Estetikcentrum was fantastic!

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