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Dr. Ali Bagher, Aesthetic Surgeon at Estetikcentrum

Dr. Ali Bagher

Chief medical officer and aesthetic surgeon

Dr. Ali Bagher is the founder and owner of Estetikcentrum, and an experienced aesthetic surgeon. He is a member of the Swedish Surgical Association and is passionate about the artistic aspect of the profession as a plastic surgeon. He founded Estetikcentrum in 2016, and has previously worked in both aesthetic surgery, general surgery and research.

It was precisely the desire to change people's lives that led Ali Bagher to train as a doctor, and he graduated in 2007 from Lund University. During his medical career, Dr. Bagher has worked at the Plastic Surgery Clinic at Skåne University Hospital, Lund Hospital and Kristianstad Central Hospital.

After several years of experience in general surgery and trauma cases, Dr. Bagher decided to pursue further training in aesthetic surgery, something he had long dreamed of. Since childhood, he has loved working creatively, so the choice was obvious. Ali Bagher performs aesthetic surgery on the whole body and has experience in dealing with complex cases and complications from his time as a general surgeon.

Dr. Bagher has completed numerous courses in Switzerland, Germany and Denmark, among others, and has participated in several international plastic surgery congresses. he is now a highly regarded aesthetic surgeon and certified injection specialist. He has also conducted research in the field of surgery and has written several scientific articles published in renowned medical journals worldwide.

What Ali Bagher loves most about his job as an aesthetic surgeon is the joy his satisfied patients show after the life-changing surgery. He regularly receives letters of thanks, flowers and gifts from happy patients, which makes him very happy.

As a patient, Ali Bagher wants you to feel safe and well-informed. He values honesty and always discusses the possibilities and risks before scheduling a procedure. The surgical techniques he uses are based on getting the best possible result as quickly as possible, without compromising on safety. In addition, he has ensured that at Estetikcentrum we always offer amenities such as good food, constant nurse attention and the latest technology.

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