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We are a beauty clinic with the patient in the center. We are very keen on you feeling confident and well informed when you come to us. Here on the blog you can follow Estetikcentrum and the latest news and advances in the aesthetic world. We want to give you inspiration and news with hand-picked goodies, tips and information about aesthetic treatments and plastic surgery. You will get to follow our activities, both large and small. We have your best interest at heart. You are welcome to comment, question, tip, and together with you we want to create a blog about beauty aesthetic that you desire!

Take care of yourself, every day!

The team at Estetikcentrum

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Part pay your treatment

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50 000 kr

Loan kr

Pay approximately kr/month

You can loan up to 200 000 kr at Medical Finance

Apply for a loan by visiting the Medical Finance website at medicalfinance.se


Interest 0%. Efficient interest rate according to KoV guidelines for a loan of 50,000 SEK, 24 months repayment, arrangement fee about 695 SEK, administration fee approximately 45 kr/month, will be about 3.42%. Variation may occur depending on credit companies and loan products.

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