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Breast augmentation with implants at Estetikcentrum

Breast augmentation at Estetikcentrum in Malmö

Estetikcentrum is one of Sweden's leading plastic surgery clinics and specializes in breast augmentation. Here you can read more about breast augmentation with implants.

Breast augmentation with implants

Breast augmentation with implants is one of the most requested plastic surgery procedures worldwide. There are several reasons for this:

At Estetikcentrum in Malmö, Sweden, our aesthetic surgeons have extensive experience in breast surgery, many of which are breast augmentation with implants. We know how breast augmentation affects your body proportions and what gives a natural result after breast augmentation with implants. During your consultation with the surgeon, you will receive guidance on which breast implants are right for you and you will go through a thorough review:

All so that you can feel confident in your decision for your breast augmentation.

Quick facts

"Nice, helpful and professional staff! Super happy with the results of my breast augmentation. Finally I can feel comfortable with my breasts! Eternally grateful."
- Erika

Breast augmentation with implants

Price from 46 900 sek


Part payment from 920 sek per month

Time in the clinic

4-6 hours

Back at work

2 weeks

Breast augmentation with implants

Why choose Estetikcentrum?

Our surgeons at Estetikcentrum in Malmö have many years of experience in plastic surgery and have developed a technique and method that gives you less risk of complications and less visible scars.

Our breast augmentation surgeons have extensive experience in the profession and have performed over 2000 operations.

We sew in several layers, including PDS threads under the skin, which reduce tension in the skin and allow for finer healing. These provide support for a longer period after the incision is closed.

We place the incisions for the implant in the breast tissue so that after healing the scar is almost invisible. Estetikcentrum also offers other treatments to reduce scars. Ask us about microneedling, fractional laser and our aftercare packages.

World-class patient care

We are by your side all the way from consultation to final check-up. We are a small clinic with world-class patient care that includes the following:

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How does breast augmentation with implants work?

Dr. Ali Bagher tells us

Before and after pictures

Before and after picture of breast augmentation with implants on the Estetikcentrum

Female 35 years old, Mentor drop-shaped implants 300 cc

Before and after picture of breast augmentation with implants on the Estetikcentrum

Female 20 years old, Mentor drop-shaped implants 420 cc

Before and after picture of breast augmentation with implants on the Estetikcentrum

Female 21 years old, Mentor Siltex Xtra Gel round implants 230 cc

Before and after picture of breast augmentation with implants on the Estetikcentrum

Female 53 years old, Mentor drop-shaped implants 390 cc

Before and after picture of breast augmentation with implants on the Estetikcentrum

Woman 40 years old, Mentor drop-shaped implants 390 cc

Before and after picture of breast augmentation with implants on the Estetikcentrum

Female 24 years old, Mentor drop-shaped implants 400 cc

Dr. Tina Tos during consultation for breast augmentation with implants

The right implant is important to achieve the desired result.

At Estetikcentrum we have chosen to work with silicone breast implants from Mentor and Motiva, two of the world's best-known breast implant manufacturers:


Mentor is the world's largest implant manufacturer with over 40 years of experience. They are a global leader in the manufacture of silicone breast implants and are approved in Europe and the US by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).


Motiva's implants have a natural texture with a smooth surface. The combination of the unique silicone gel and its elastic structure allows for smaller incisions to be made. Motiva implants are manufactured with a microchip, so the exact model can be recognized with a simple scan of the breast.

The right shape and size of your breast implants

During your consultation, you will try different types of implants to see which one you prefer. Your surgeon will also recommend implants based on your body and your preferences.

During your consultation, your surgeon will take various measurements of your body, including breast width, height and size. Most of our patients choose a size that looks natural, but what is the right size for you depends entirely on what you want to get out of the surgery.

Round implants are the most common, as they give a fuller result. The teardrop-shaped implants adapt more to the shape of the breast and give a more natural look. Motiva calls their anatomical implants "Egonomix" and Mentor has named theirs CPGTM.

Breast augmentation with silicone implants

Interactive simulator: see your final result

Step 1: upload an image

Click on the camera icon in the top left corner to upload your image. Alternatively, you can use one of the model images.

Step 2: simulate your end result

Use the different tools to shape, enlarge or reduce parts of the face or body. When you are done, press the "View before/after" button to compare the retouched image with the original photo. You can then save the image.

Step 3: book a consultation with a surgeon

You can bring your simulation image to help your surgeon understand exactly what outcome you want after your surgery.

Our skilled surgeons deliver world-class results

Our experienced surgeons have performed over 2000 breast operations. They have great expertise and also assist in the training of new plastic surgeons.

Chief medical officer and aesthetic surgeon

Consultant in plastic surgery

Frequently asked questions

Read the answers to the most common questions we receive about breast augmentation below. If you have other questions, feel free to contact us.

Breast augmentation with implants involves placing an implant inside the breast to increase the volume and shape of the breasts.

This is performed by a qualified plastic surgeon on people who want to increase their breast size or round the shape of their breasts.

There are different types of implants to choose from, such as silicone or saline implants. 

During your consultation, we discuss your wishes and make recommendations on what is right for you.

A breast augmentation is generally a safe procedure when performed by an experienced and qualified plastic surgeon, which is always the case at Estetikcentrum.

However, there is always a certain degree of risk and possible complications that can occur, as with any surgical procedure.

We carefully review all the risks and probabilities for your body during the consultation, so that you can make an informed choice.

The recovery time after a breast augmentation can vary depending on several factors, including the type of surgical method, the size of the implants and your health.

Typically, the recovery time is one to two weeks. During this period it is common to experience swelling, soreness and limited mobility.

The surgeon may also recommend the use of a support belt or bra for a certain period to support the breasts and speed up recovery.

Full recovery can take up to six months, but most patients can return to normal activities and work after a few weeks.


It is important to avoid strenuous activities and heavy lifting in the first weeks after breast augmentation with implants to allow the body to heal and recover.

It is usually recommended to avoid exercise for at least six weeks after surgery, but it is important to follow your surgeon's specific recommendations.

Light activities such as walking are usually okay earlier, while we usually recommend avoiding running and weight training for at least six weeks after surgery. 


Breast implants can be placed either under the breast muscle (submuscular placement) or directly under the mammary gland (submammary placement).

The choice of implant placement depends on several factors, including body type, implant size and function.

Our surgeons can recommend the implant placement that best suits your needs and wishes.

The price for breast augmentation with implants starts at €46,900. sek. 

However, it depends on the shape and size of your implants and whether you already have implants. The starting price is based on round Mentor implants.

For implants over 700 ml, there is an additional fee of 7000 sek.

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I had a very positive experience at the clinic! The staff was friendly and professional, and the doctor was knowledgeable and responsive to my needs.
Would like to give Estetikcentrum a strong 5. They are fantastic. Everything from the friendly reception to the whole operation.

I was treated so well, the dentist Randa and the hygienist were very professional and warm. The whole experience at Estetikcentrum was fantastic!

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Do you have a question about Breast Augmentation with Implants?

Ask your question below and we will contact you. You can choose whether you want to be contacted by phone or by email.