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Innovative tool that helps the skin in many ways

Wrinkles and scars are just some of the indications where dermarolls can help you. Below you get a summary and a little more information about dermaroller.

Dermaroller is a tool that gives enchanting results! By puncturing the skin with extremely small needles, the body's natural production of collagen and elastin increases. The technology rejuvenates the skin on the face, makes it more elastic and gives a lot of radiance!

Treatment with dermaroller suits most people, no matter what you want to achieve with the treatment. The method has shown good results in people who wanted to counteract scars, pigment spots, wrinkles, sagging and dry skin.


  • Usually the treatment needs to be repeated for optimal results, but you will see a difference already after the first visit!
  • We advise you not to expose the skin to the sun after the treatment, as the skin will be slightly more vulnerable then.
  • The treatment with dermaroller in Malmö is adapted to the result you are looking for.

We have:

  • A staff with expertise who are more than ready to help you make your beauty dream come true.
  • High customer satisfaction.
  • Several other treatments that rejuvenate the skin of the face.

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A dermaroller is a small device that consists of lots of small needles. The derma roller is then rolled over the skin and causes the skin to be penetrated with these small needles. What the needles do is create small channels into the skin called a controlled micro-injury. This in turn leads to the body producing new collagen and elastin to repair the skin. When you do a dermaroller treatment, new capillaries are also formed which leads to a reduction of scars and healing skin, which then contributes to improved texture in the skin, moisture, luster and elasticity.


Dermaroller helps against:

  • Scars
  • Pigment stains
  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Loose skin
  • Dry skin

Before the treatment, we apply an anesthetic cream to the area to be treated to remove any pain that may occur with dermaroller. We do not recommend that you exercise on the same day as you perform your treatment. After the treatment, it is important that you do not appear in the sun and wear high sunscreen.

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What result do you get from a dermaroller?

The outcome of dermaroller depends on what problems you have had in the past. If you have had clear scars, these will have bleached with the help of the dermaroller and if you have had pigment spots, these will gradually disappear. The treatment needs to be repeated to get the best possible results, but already after the first treatment you will see a marked improvement in the skin. We always recommend investing in good products for home use and you will of course get help with this from our skilled dermatologist.

Are all suitable for doing dermaroller treatment?

No, we do not recommend that pregnant women, nursing mothers or those with haemophilia / diabetes should perform the treatment. If you are unsure whether you can perform the treatment, we ask you to contact us or book a free consultation beforehand to consult the doctor.


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Undergoing an aesthetic treatment can feel both nervous and exciting, with a good reason! It still applies to a decision that is intended to make your beauty dream come true. We at Estetikcentrum want to make your visit to us as relaxed as possible. A consultation is for you to be able to ask questions, talk about your thoughts and together with our staff come to the best decision for you. What is considered the right choice always changes according to your wishes and conditions, which makes the consultation incredibly important! At Estetikcentrum, we value honesty and are transparent about the process so you can feel safe.

When you book a consultation with us at Estetikcentrum in Malmö, you will receive comprehensive information from an expert staff. We guide you to a good decision based on your conditions and the result you are looking for. There is a lot to keep in mind with every operation and treatment, which can affect what we recommend for you. We would never perform an operation or treatment that we ourselves do not perceive as safe or achievable!

Let us be your safe partner on the journey towards a changed life!

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