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No knife or needles but a plasma pen. Magic pen that helps lift the skin and areas such as eyelids, under the eyes, neck and more.

Plasma pen is a treatment that rejuvenates your face significantly, with permanent results, completely without any intervention with a needle and knife. The result is even considered to be comparable to the result of aesthetic surgery, so good it is! The big advantage is that a plasma pen treatment provides much faster recovery and the risks are significantly less than with a facial operation

Are you interested in fixing drooping eyelids, sagging skin or removing bags under the eyes without surgery? Then Plasma pen is for you! With a Plasma pen treatment, your top layer of skin is exposed to small plasma impulses that cause the skin to tighten considerably. You will see a difference immediately after the treatment!


  • The treatment does not require a major recovery time, so you can return to your work immediately after your visit with us.
  • We advise you not to stay in the sun for some time after the treatment, as the skin will be extra sensitive.
  • Plasma pen can be used, among other things, to correct wrinkles, pigment spots, scars and drooping eyelids.

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  • A staff with expertise who are more than ready to help you make your beauty dream come true.
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Lift and tighten loose skin for a more vibrant look with the help of Plasma Pen - completely without surgery or injections. It may sound too good to be true, but it is a popular method that uses plasma light to superficially treat tired eyes and sagging skin. Do you also wish that you got rid of the dark bags under your eyes?

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How does it work?

Plasma Pen is a hot novelty in beauty treatments and has become popular due to the fact that it is made without needles or knives - while the results are fantastic. Many people appreciate not having to prick or make holes in the skin, and then the superficial Plasma Pen fits perfectly.

A lift with Plasma Pen can be done on several different areas for different purposes - for example lifting drooping eyelids, reducing bags under the eyes, reducing loose skin on the face or neck, correcting deeper wrinkles and removing scars or pigment spots. There are many options to choose from, and thus also different techniques to give the right effect in the right place.

The instrument looks like a pen with a small tip, through it flows current that creates an electrostatic impulse. When the tip touches the skin, a reaction occurs that produces a flash of plasma light - for a tenth of a second, the heat from the flash evaporates excess fluid from your skin - giving a direct tightening. This also simulates a superficial damage, which causes the skin to begin to renew itself and create collagen.

During the treatment, the flash of plasma light will be repeated in a grid pattern over the desired area. In this way, you achieve an overall result with great renewal of the skin in the area that you want to brighten up.

What are the benefits of surgical treatment?

Because you avoid a surgical treatment, the procedure will be gentler on your body. Healing and recovery are faster, so fast that you can go to work immediately after if you wish. There is no risk of removing too much skin when lifting, which can happen during a surgical procedure. The risk of infection in connection with treatment is significantly reduced, and in addition, the Plasma Pen improves the quality of your skin in the long term.


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What should I do after the treatment?

Immediately after the treatment, small brown spots will appear on the area you have treated, and there is a good chance that you will be a little swollen with redness and sore skin. It is not dangerous and for most people passes within five days after treatment. The dots will remain for about a week, and towards the end will be small crusts that fall off. Because it is a superficial treatment, you can apply make-up with skin-friendly mineral make-up, but we recommend that you let the skin rest without external influence. During the first three months after treatment with Plasma Pen, you must protect the skin with a high sun factor and sunglasses in direct sunlight , otherwise you risk permanent pigment changes.

How long does the result last?

The result from Plasma Pen is permanent. However, the skin continues to age, so take care of it and try to apply a healthy lifestyle to enjoy the change for as long as possible. If you have very loose skin that you want to tighten, it may take two to three repeated visits to achieve the desired end result.

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Are there any risks?

If you follow the instructions we give you about your own treatment during healing, there are very few risks with Plasma Pen. However, if you mismanage recovery, there is a risk of wound infection in the superficial skin layer, poor healing and hyperpigmentation. If, on the other hand, you are generally healthy and take good care of your skin, you should not experience any complications.


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