Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

Get yourself a real movie star smile with a professional whitening treatment. All our whitening treatments are performed by certified dentists to ensure a lasting and professional result. We use only great and well known products that aren’t harmful to your teeth.

Tooth whitening is a very common and popular aesthetic treatment suitable to most people who want whiter teeth. A lot of people choose to whiten both rows of teeth but you can also choose to whiten individual teeth. The dentist will go through your circumstances and expectations before the treatment begins.

We always perform a clinical examination of your teeth prior to whitening treatments to ensure the best possible result. It’s important that the teeth don’t suffer from caries and if anything needs fixing prior to your treatment we’ll find out during the examination. If everything is OK the treatment will be performed directly after your examination.

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How is tooth whitening done?

We perform our whitening treatments using plasma light which is the most popular way of doing professional dental whitening. It’s time effective, safe and yields superb results. How brighter your teeth become is individual.

At Estetikcentrum we use a gentle whitening gel which is approved and recommended by Swedish standards and guide lines from Socialstyrelsen. The gel is activated using plasma light and the treatment takes around 60 minutes. The results will last for up to two years and is affected by your daily lifestyle and eating habits. Colorful food, coffee red wine and nicotine all affect the color of your teeth.

Why choose us at Estetikcentrum:

We perform all our treatments with great care, take each individuals own needs into account and give plenty of time to each patient regardless of the extent of the treatment. Vast experience and attention to detail is the key to our success.

At Estetikcentrum you’ll be greeted by friendly staff and a nice atmosphere in our modern clinic in central Malmö. Our dentists have vast experience of dental treatments and a close cooperation with skilled dental technicians who help us toward a successful final result.

Did you know that we also do general dental care?

Do you fear a hole in your tooth? Are you in need of root canal or perhaps a yearly checkup of the teeth of your kids?

We specialize in aesthetic dental care and plastic surgery but also provide general dental care. In other words, our dental services cover everything. Through our deal with insurance companies (Försäkringskassan) our treatments are covered with by the general dental care insurance. Exact pricing will be provided after the consultation. We can provide first class dental care at highly competitive prices!

We are experts on patients with a fear of dental care!

Through our work we’ve come across many patients who have avoided seeking dental care due to a general fear. We want to change this through comfortable treatments with calm and caring staff that are specialized in handling patients with a fear of dental care – regardless if you’re scared of needles, worry about pain or feel general discomfort at the sight of dental care instruments and tools.

Nearly half of all grownups are uncomfortable going to the dentist and around 5% of these express a phobia. At Estetikcentrum we want to help these patients obtain a comfortable view of dental care through a positive experience.

Dental clinic with anaesthesia

All our treatments can be performed under anaesthesia for a calm and comfortable visit at the dentist. We are one of few dental facilities in Sweden to offer this at every single dental treatment we provide.

The ability to be treated pain free and in a calm environment is a given to us at Estetikcentrum, and a comfort to you as one of our patients.



Are there any side effects to dental whitening?

Some patients will experience an uncomfortable sensation in the teeth during the treatment and for a short while after. These will soon pass. If the gel has come into contact with the gum you may also experience light irritation in the gum.

It’s important that there are no cavities and that good dental hygiene is maintained before the treatment which is why we perform an examination. If you against all odds would get a whitening treatment despite cavities an inflammation may occur, in a worst case scenario. Side effects can be avoided or minimized by brushing the teeth thoroughly and rinse with flour after the treatrment

Can you whiten your teeth during prgnancy or breast feeding?

There is no documented research surrounding dental whitening and pregnancy/breast feeding. Despite there being no known negative effects to doing this we recommend against dental whitening treatments during pregnancy or breast feeding.

What results can I expect from the treatment?

The results are individual depending on your circumstances – how badly discolored your teeth are, how the discoloring has started and for how long you have suffered from it. The discoloring that is most easily removed through dental whitening has resulted through food, red wine, nicotine, coffee and tea.

How long will the results last?

This depends on your personal habits and circumstances which makes it hard to say for sure how long your teeth will maintain their new whiteness. After a dental whitening treatment at Estetikcentrum the nuance will last for an average of one to two years. If you want the results to last for as long as possible it is recommended to cut down on habits that may cause discoloring.

Will my fillings also be whiter?

No. Only the natural surfaces of the teeth are affected. Fixed teeth, crowns, bridges and veneers will not become whiter.

How long does the treatment take?

At Estetikcentrum a dental whitening treatment will take around 60 minutes on average.

Can I choose to whiten only certain teeth?

It’s possible to whiten individual teeth rather than an entire row if only one or a few teeth suffer from discoloring. If you have a tooth that’s discolored as result of a hole or other damage it will first need to be fixed before a whitening treatment can be safely performed. You can discuss this with your dentist during the clinical examination.



At Estetikcentrum we have agreements with Försäkringskassan (insurance) which means that you are able to get financial assistance through general dental insurance. We can give you complete pricing information during your consultation.

You can also reach out to Medical Finance for help with personal financing of aesthetic treatments that are not covered by the general dental insurance.

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