A filler technique against wrinkles

An effective filler drawing against wrinkles that you get with age or smoking. Get a fresher complexion with the help of blanching.

Do you feel that fine lines and wrinkles have begun to make themselves felt? When the skin loses its elasticity, it can give an older expression, even if you do not feel at all or are particularly old. Blanching is a filler treatment whose purpose is to correct fine lines and rejuvenate the skin. Hyaluronic acid, which helps your skin become supple, is injected superficially into the skin. The method works extremely well against wrinkles caused by smoking!

The genius of hyaluronic acid is that it increases your body's natural production of collagen. The result of the treatment is not permanent, but after the material has been completely broken down, your skin itself will improve slightly. Blanching is a modern method that really rejuvenates the skin, both externally and deeply.


  • The result after a treatment lasts for about 6 months. If you choose to do another treatment then the result lasts for 9 months!
  • Hyaluronic acid can be found as an active ingredient in a number of skin care today.
  • The treatment is not permanent, and is therefore suitable for you who want to make a small start in aesthetic treatments.

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  • Staff with expertise who are more than ready to help you make your beauty dream come true.
  • High customer satisfaction.
  • A number of other treatments that are also there to rejuvenate the skin of the face.
  • The goal to be the best clinic for fillers in Malmö.

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A superficial injection technique that cures fine lines - a filler technique for face, neck and décolleté. Perfect for you who are tired of fine wrinkles caused by smoking! With the help of the popular technology Blanching, you get a natural and fresh look with healthy skin. Fine lines are just a memory!

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Why Blanching?

It is a popular filler treatment that is adapted to treat the finest wrinkles. Lines of smoking and wrinkles on the upper lip are optimal to treat with this superficial injection technique. The filler smoothes and fills in, which makes your skin look smooth and radiant. In addition, Blanching restores the skin's natural volume and gives a moisturizing effect - you can count on radiance and youthful freshness!

Blanching is a modern and very popular filler method in Europe that with advanced technology erases superficial lines and wrinkles. But with deeper injections, the filler is also effective on the deeper wrinkles by supporting the skin where it is needed.

What kind of filler is used in the Blanching method?

The filler used in Blanching is a Hyaluronic Acid - a body-specific substance that binds fluid. The filler is jelly-like in consistency and acts as a lubricant and a bulking filling. It is the lack of Hyaluronic acid in the skin that causes it to lose luster and volume - by gently injecting it, the skin's youthful properties are recreated in a natural way. The advantage over other fillers is that Hyaluronic acid has a flowing property - that is, it spreads evenly and nicely completely freely under the skin's layers. This counteracts the risk of lumps and complicated treatment!

Thanks to its adaptable consistency, the filler is effective even on static wrinkles - such as laughter wrinkles or worry wrinkles. These areas can be difficult to treat with botox because it limits the mobility of the skin - it does not happen with Hyaluronic Acid!

Hyaluronic acid also contributes to the body's own creation of collagen, so over time, Blanching will give your skin a boost in depth.


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How long does the result last?

Fillers are always broken down by the body gradually - especially Hyaluronic acid as it is a body-specific substance. Therefore, you will need to repeat the treatment at regular intervals for a lasting result. It is very individual how quickly the body breaks down the substance, it depends entirely on your personal circumstances.

But after the first treatment, the result will last for about six months, and after others it will last for nine months. This is because your own collagen production increases with each treatment, and your skin will feel better and better on its own. So it is worth making those extra visits for a long-lasting and wrinkle-free result!

Blanching at Estetikcentrum in Malmö

Are you looking for a clinic that performs blanching in Malmö? Then you are welcome to us at Estetikcentrum! Only accurate and well-trained staff work with us - we always put your safety first. We are sensitive to your wishes and have extensive experience of modern filler treatments in Malmö. Visit us for a consultation or book an appointment for treatment immediately - we make your beauty dreams come true!


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Undergoing an aesthetic treatment can feel both nervous and exciting, with a good reason! It still applies to a decision that is intended to make your beauty dream come true. We at Estetikcentrum want to make your visit to us as relaxed as possible. A consultation is for you to be able to ask questions, talk about your thoughts and together with our staff come to the best decision for you. What is considered the right choice always changes according to your wishes and conditions, which makes the consultation incredibly important! At Estetikcentrum, we value honesty and are transparent about the process so you can feel safe.

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