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Gynecomastia surgery

Get a masculine chest

We have many years of experience in breast surgery and gynecomastia. We help you with a lot of care, respect and with the right treatment.

Gynecomastia surgery at Estetikcentrum in Malmö

ynecomastia is a condition that involves an enlarged mammary gland in a man. It can be due to a number of different things but is usually hormonal.

The mammary gland grows during puberty, even in men. This is perfectly normal - but if it grows too much, a man's breasts can have a feminine expression. This can negatively affect self-esteem and lead to social problems.

Which treatment is done for gynecomastia depends a bit on the underlying cause. Sometimes the problems can be due to an ongoing hormone treatment, but the condition can also be caused by an accumulation of fat around the bust and is then called "pseudogynecomastia". Pseudogynecomastia is common in connection with major weight changes.

Regardless of what causes your gynecomastia, you get help from us at the Aesthetics Center. We find the cause and offer you the treatment that best suits you based on your diagnosis and your wishes.

Exempel på före- och efter en gynekomastioperation

Examples of before and after a gynecomastia operation.

Pictures before and after gynecomastia surgery

Before you undergo the operation yourself to counteract gynecomastia, it can be good to know how you want the result to be. By looking at other individuals' gynecomastia before and after the procedure, you can more easily get an idea of what you can expect and get inspiration for how you want it. While looking, however, keep in mind that human bodies are not alike! We are all unique, and it also means that the same procedure will not give exactly the same results to everyone who performs it. Therefore, it is good to think about your own body's possibilities when you look at before and after pictures.


Gynecomastia surgery

The 28-year-old man underwent a gynecomastia and 600 ml of fat has been reduced


  • There are several underlying causes of gynecomastia.
  • Skin recovery can take several months, but you can often see results already after 1-2 weeks after your gynecomastia surgery.
  • The operation can be performed with local treatment or light anaesthesia, and you can go home the same day!

We have:

  • A team with great expertise that is by your side throughout the journey to and after your gynecomastia surgery in Malmö.
  • Thorough routines to investigate the cause behind your gynecomastia, as it determines which method will be used in the operation.
  • Both male and female surgeons.
  • High customer satisfaction regarding plastic surgery for men.

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Estetikcentrum on Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia surgery is a type of plastic surgery for men with enlarged mammary glands. As a result, the chest often takes on a more feminine shape, which can be a great discomfort for many. At Estetikcentrum, we want you to be comfortable and satisfied with your own body, and happy to help you on the journey to a better self-esteem!

Watch your operation in 3D

This animated video shows an approximate description of the operation. Minor differences may occur in reality, based on the surgeon's experienced assessment at each individual operation.

Gynecomastia surgery is for men who do not like the appearance of their breasts. The purpose of the operation is to remove the feminine shape and give the chest a more masculine expression. How this is done is determined by the cause behind your gynecomastia, but regardless, this type of surgery is relatively straightforward.


Gynecomastia - before the operation

When you book an appointment for a consultation before gynecomastia and correction, you will during your first meeting meet the surgeon at our clinic in central Malmö. Together we go through your wishes and your conditions.

You will receive all the information you need and of course we will answer your questions and concerns. We will also perform a health check to determine that you are suitable for gynecomastia surgery.

We usually recommend our patients to look at before and after pictures of gynecomastia. This is so that you get a good idea of ​​what you want but also of what you do not want. Feel free to bring photos and questions for your first visit.

The surgeon will examine the breast tissue to see how an operation can help you. The procedure of the operation depends on the cause of the gynecomastia, an abnormal mammary gland growth and fat accumulation is treated with two different surgical procedures.

If the gynecomastia is due to medical reasons, it is necessary in some cases to make an investigation and check and determine the cause of the hormone balance in the body.

Gynecomastia surgery

After your first meeting and consultation, we go through together how a gynecomastia operation can help you and book an appointment for the plastic surgery.

A gynecomastia operation can, depending on the extent, be performed under light anesthesia or local anesthesia. If the gynecomastia is due to growth of mammary gland tissue, an incision is made and tissue is cut away from the underside of the areola. If it is pseudogynecomastia, ie gynecomastia that is due to fat accumulation, you can choose to do a liposuction around the chest.

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Gynecomastia - after surgery

The operation to counteract gynecomastia is relatively simple and small, therefore it can be performed under local anesthesia or light anesthesia. When the operation is complete, "invisible stitches" are added to prevent scarring and then a bandage, patients are discharged the same day.

All bodies heal differently, but in most cases you can see the results of the procedure already after one to two weeks. However, it can take up to several months before the skin around the breasts has adapted and contracted. Therefore, we want to recommend our patients to avoid heavy and strenuous physical activity during the first months.

Welcome to us at Estetikcentrum when you have questions about gynecomastia or if you want to book an appointment for a meeting!

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A warm welcome to us at Estetikcentrum!


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When a major life change is to be proceeded, it can be irritating, but also frightening at the same time! We at Estetikcentrum want to make your journey towards a changed life as smooth as possible. A consultation is for you to be able to ask questions, talk about your thoughts and together with your surgeon come to the best decision for you. What is considered the right choice always varies according to your wishes and your body's anatomy, which makes the consultation incredibly important! At Estetikcentrum, we value honesty and are transparent about the process so you can feel safe.

When you book a consultation with us at Estetikcentrum in Malmö, you will receive comprehensive information from expert staff. We guide you to a good decision based on your conditions and the result you are looking for. There is a lot to keep in mind with every operation and treatment, which can affect what we recommend for you. We would never perform an operation or treatment that we ourselves do not perceive as safe or achievable!

Let us be your safe partner on your journey towards a changed life!

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