Arms plastic surgery

Better shape of the arms

Regardless of whether you have lost weight or feel dissatisfied with the shape of your arms with us, you always get the best advice and the right treatment.

Arm plastic surgery at Estetikcentrum in Malmö

With an arm plastic surgery, we tighten loose skin on the arms and thus create a better fit between the skin and the rest of the arm's tissue. It is often a matter of removing so-called pike hanging from the back of the upper arm.

Sometimes we combine arm plastic surgery and liposuction to both tighten the skin of the arm and at the same time remove fat or sculpt an optimal shape. Exactly which technology we choose depends on your wishes and physical conditions. The result is always in focus!

There are two treatment methods to make the arms slimmer and more beautiful: liposuction and arm plastic surgery, or upper arm plastic surgery as the procedure is sometimes called.

A liposuction of the arms is mainly suitable for younger women with strong upper arms, where the fat is sucked out without having to do a surgical skin stretch. However, many patients also have problems with pike hanging and excess skin. Then make an incision on the inside of the arm and remove the excess skin.


  • With Estetikcentrum's method, you get minimal scars.
  • With our surgical technique, the risk of complications and infections is reduced.
  • Bloodless technology for faster recovery.
  • Only experienced and skilled anesthetists work with us.
  • You are entitled to free return visits for 12 months after the operation.

We have:

  • We at Estetikcentrum have performed over 10,000 surgeries and treatments
  • 1 year Security guarantee that is included in all our plastic operations
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Male and female surgeons

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Arm plastic surgery is suitable for you who want to improve the shape of your arms and tighten the skin. The procedure can be combined with liposuction to first reduce the hard-to-reach size of the arms. The skin's elasticity deteriorates over the years and can then be perceived as flabby and sagging. Even a huge weight loss or pregnancy can result in excess hanging skin - and sometimes the only way is to have an arms plastic surgery and arms liposuction to achieve a good appearance. We at Estetikcentrum want to help you to be comfortable in your body and are happy to stand by your side on the journey towards a changed life!

Plastikkirurgi i Malmö | Estetikcentrum

Before an arm plastic surgery

When you visit us for an initial consultation, we listen to your expectations, wishes and of course answer all the questions you have. You get information about price, an approximate picture of how the end result will be and how long the waiting time is.


Plastikkirurgi i Malmö | Estetikcentrum

We also review your health condition and our nurse informs you on how you can best prepare for the operation. Sometimes the scar on an arm plastic can be larger than originally planned. Therefore, the post-treatment of the scar is very important and you get all the information about self-care of the incision so that the result will be as good as possible.

One visit
A changed life

Plastikkirurgi i Malmö | Estetikcentrum

This is how an arm plastic surgery works

The goal is to achieve a good extension of the excess skin / hanging skin on the arms. This is best achieved by making an incision on the inside of the upper arm. The incision usually goes from the armpit and almost down to the elbow. The length of the scar depends on how much skin needs to be removed. You will receive either anesthesia (anesthesia) or sleeping pills and local anesthesia. It again depends on the extent of skin removal and liposuction.

Book a consultation with us

If you have questions or concerns regarding arm plastic surgery, you are welcome to contact us. We are there for you and are happy to answer questions about the procedure, prices, waiting time and other questions you have. Do not hesitate to contact us for an initial and unconditional consultation!

Here you book an appointment online for consultation with our specialists. With us, you always have the opportunity to choose a female surgeon.

You can also call us on 040-65 66 660.

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You can feel safe with Estetikcentrum

After your consultation, you will meet our coordinator who will help you with everything from the date of the operation and preparations for the operation to help with financing. There you can go through everything together in peace and quiet, and if you find that you forgot to ask some questions at the consultation, they can be answered here for you.
At Estetikcentrum in Malmö, we are with you all the way - before, during and after the operation, you have us as a companion. For us, it is most important that you feel safe as a patient during the journey.

We have gathered a unique team of experienced and skilled surgeons, all with the goal of realizing your dream. With us, you are not just "one in the crowd". It is important that your experience feels safe and special. As a patient, you can call us around the clock on our emergency telephone and you can be on sick leave after your operation.

We believe that we can change the lives of our patients!

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