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We offer different types of breast surgeries that our specialists perform every day. Get the breasts you deserve with new innovative technologies that give less scars.

Skönhetsoperationer och Plastikkirurgi i centrala Malmö

På Estetikcentrum i centrala Malmö vet vi att utsidan återspeglar insidan. Känner man sig missnöjd med sin kropp kan det leda till osäkerhet och oro, och vi erbjuder därför plastikkirurgi för ett ökat välmående.

Vi utför alltid din operation med största respekt för dina specifika önskemål, trygghet och säkerhet.

Nedan har vi samlat information om olika bröstoperationer för att du ska kunna välja det som passar just dig. Du är alltid välkommen att boka en tid för konsultation om bröstoperationer. På vår klinik i centrala Malmö går du tillsammans med kirurgen igenom dina önskemål och förväntningar för att sedan välja den bröstoperation som passar dig och din kropp bäst.

Breast augmentation - the most common breast surgery

Plastikkirurgi i Malmö | Estetikcentrum

Breast augmentation is one of the most common forms of breast surgery and a procedure that is constantly increasing in number per year. In step with more experience, knowledge and development, the risks become fewer and the results better.

Today, breast augmentation is performed with a strong focus on natural results, this means, for example, that we almost always choose to place the implants under the pectoral muscle. This knowledge and development has contributed to less complications and a softer and more natural feeling for the patient.

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Surgery and breast implants

Before a breast augmentation, you always meet the surgeon who will perform the procedure. Together, you go through how the operation will go and select implants that suit your body. For a fuller breast, we choose an implant with a higher projection and larger volume. For a more discreet breast augmentation, we choose an implant with a softer projection.

Natural feeling with Mentor and Motiva



At Estetikcentrum, we always use breast implants from implants manufacturers Mentor and Motiva. Mentor is a global leader in implant manufacturing, and their implants have been developed after tens of thousands of hours of research. Mentor is also one of the few breast implants approved in the United States by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Since its inception about 40 years ago, Mentor has made itself known as a market-leading manufacturer of high-quality breast implants. Mentor implants are available both as round and as so-called anatomical, ie drop-shaped, which is similar to the normal appearance of the breasts.

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Motiva is a newer implant that has been used successfully by many of the largest plastic surgery clinics in Sweden. The extremely natural texture of the implant is perceived by many women as very attractive because they want the breasts to feel as natural as possible.

Motiva comes from a company that has been developing medical silicone in the US for over 30 years and their product is now spread all over the world.

Motiva Implant Matrix is ​​available in four different projections: Mini, Demi, Full and Corsé. Motiva has both round implants and so-called Ergonomix implants, which after implantation change their shape to resemble the natural shape of a non-operated female breast. However, the round implants are the most common.

The combination of Motiva's special jelly together with the implant's very elastic structure means that the surgical incision can be made smaller than other implants on the market.

Our technology gives smaller scars

We usually choose to place the incision under the breasts to reduce the risk of visible scars, but it can also be inserted through the incision in the armpit if you so wish. However, we have chosen not to operate on the implants in the first place through the armpit, as this is combined with a greater risk of complications. During the consultation before your breast surgery, you will be able to try your hand at the implant that meets your target image and your wishes.

We at Estetikcentrum always provide a 5-year capsule guarantee for our breast surgeries. Which means that we operate on you free of charge within 5 years if you should have a cosmetically troublesome capsule formation around your implants.

In addition, implant manufacturers Mentor and Motiva also provide warranties for 10 years, read more about their warranty program under breast augmentation.

Should the result after the operation, against all odds, fail even though you have followed our recommendations or some complications arise along the way, you always have the right to be operated on again free of charge. Read more about breast augmentation here.

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