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Buttock augmentation

Better shape and more volume with a butt lift

Do you think you might need a little more volume in the butt? Do you want a result that suits you well and feels natural? We are here for you.

Brazilian buttlift at Estetikcentrum in Malmö

Brazilian buttlift is a surgical procedure where we use different techniques to create the perfect butt. It is often a matter of sculpting contours with the help of liposuction and adding volume by transplanting fat from other parts of the body.

Brazilian buttlift is one of the fastest growing and most popular plastic surgery procedures. The very term "Brazilian Buttlift" is the marketing term for what we in medicine call autologous fat transfer to the buttocks.

This method of sculpting the buttocks first uses liposuction to remove extra, unwanted fat from other parts of the body, especially the waist, lower back and thighs. Many also take the chance to remove fat from the stomach.

Once the fat is removed, it is cleaned and moved to the buttocks. This results in a nicer figure with rounder and fuller buttocks. Your buttocks get a more natural look than what can be achieved with silicone implants. Since it is your own fat that is used, the risk of the body rejecting it to almost zero is also reduced.

Brazilian buttlift

Brazilian buttlift


  • Since the procedure uses the body's own material, some risks that exist when using foreign materials disappear.
  • When you choose to enlarge the buttocks with your own body material, you get a more natural result than when using implants.
  • It can take up to 3-4 months for the final result to be fully visible.

We have:

  • A team with great expertise that is by your side until you wake up after the operation.
  • Body-jet which is one of the latest and most luxurious technologies in aesthetic surgery and butt augmentation in Malmö.
  • Both male and female surgeons.
  • High customer satisfaction.

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Before and after pictures - Buttock augmentation

Before your consultation, it can be good to have an image of what you want your butt to look like, but trying to imagine the result after a butt enlargement can be difficult! By seeing other individuals' before and after pictures from their Brazilian butt lift, you can get an idea of what you are looking for. However, while watching others' transformations, you need to keep in mind that we are all so incredibly different! Each body is unique in its kind, which means that the result will differ slightly from one person to another. Together with your surgeon, you will be able to choose what suits your body best based on your conditions and expectations before a butt enlargement in Malmö.

Brazilian buttlift before
Brazilian buttlift after


37-arig kvinna som önskade ökad volym i stussen.

Operation: Brazilian Buttlift, totalt har 800ml fett injiceras in i skinkorna.

Plastikkirurgi i Malmö | Estetikcentrum
Plastikkirurgi i Malmö | Estetikcentrum


38 årig kvinna. Utfört rumpförstoring med kroppseget fett

Watch your operation in 3D

This animated video shows an approximate description of the operation. Minor differences may occur in reality, based on the surgeon's experienced assessment at each individual operation.

The operation at Estetikcentrum

At Estetikcentrum, you are met by a staff with many years of expertise in aesthetic surgery and experience in buttock augmentation. We value honesty towards our customers as we want you to feel safe and relaxed when you are between our hands. Regardless of which procedure is chosen, it is a big decision to make! We are by your side throughout the process before, during and after.

Why you should choose Estetikcentrum in Malmö for your Brazilian butt lift

Since the technology was developed in the 80's, Brazilian butt lifts have become one of the world's most popular cosmetic procedures. For this reason, the procedure is offered at most clinics and it can be difficult to choose the right one. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us for your Brazilian butt lift:

Plastikkirurgi i Malmö | Estetikcentrum

We minimize the risk of infection, even before the procedure.

Infection is a risk in many surgeries. When infections occur, it can lead to longer and more complicated recovery times, as well as clearer scarring. We make sure to reduce the risk of infection before the procedure even begins. We do this by giving you antibiotics before the first incision is made. This simple preventive measure greatly reduces the risk of infections.

We highlight your curves

Our talented plastic surgeons have extensive experience of Brazilian butt lifts. Based on their experience and knowledge, they have found that the best places to take fat from are the fat rollers and lower back. By taking the fat from these areas, the fine shape of your new butt is emphasized.

Your cuts are only a few millimeters big.

We try to minimize the trauma that occurs during surgery as much as we can so you get as simple a recovery as possible. To do this, we make sure that all incisions made are extremely small. In fact, during the liposuction part of the operation, we make incisions that are only 2-4 millimeters, in naturally placed places in the skin. These are made on the lower back, the middle of the back and one on each side. They are sewn together and heal so they become almost visible. When moving the fat, only needle sticks are made. They are so small that they heal completely on their own.


We use the latest and most advanced liposuction techniques.

In a Brazilian butt lift, we use something called a body-jet. This machine uses a jet of water to create a smoother and more gentle liposuction that speeds up the process and protects surrounding nerves and blood vessels. The remaining fat is smoothed out so that no lumps are visible, which gives you a finer contour that is even. This is important as lumps are a common problem in patients.

You do not have to wait for the fat to purify.

Our liposuction technology filters the removed fat in a unique way. Most liposuctions involve a fat being spun around in a centrifuge to separate delicate fat cells. Unfortunately, this can damage the fat, which means that there is less left until the transfer. With the body-jet system, the fat is instead purified immediately when it is collected. It uses gravity and vacuum to separate and purify the useful fat in a more gentle way to protect the fat cells. Not only do you not have to wait, you also get more useful fat to reshape your butt.

We move fat with accuracy, which improves results and durability.

When we have enough fat for the transfer, we use advanced technology that helps to maximize the survival of the fat and create a finer, smoother shape. This technique uses a kind of medical tube to inject the fat. When the surgeon pulls out the tube again, a small streak of fat is left. The technology not only helps the surgeon to be careful in the placement of the fat to achieve your goals, it also leads to results that last longer.

We heat all IV and liposuction fluids.

A common and unpleasant side effect of many surgeries is that you wake up and shake from the cold. This usually happens when the fluids you are injected with during the operation are colder than your body temperature. We do everything we can to keep you warm and comfortable throughout your time with us. To achieve this, we heat all liquids to body temperature before administering them.

IV heater and an electric heating blanket

If you have ever undergone surgery or know someone who has done it, you know for sure that it is common to freeze immediately after the procedure. Of course, we do not want you to feel discomfort after your breast augmentation and to prevent this, we heat all the fluids you are injected with and cover yourself with an electric heating blanket to make you feel cozy.

One visit
A changed life

Plastikkirurgi i Malmö | Estetikcentrum

100% observation from a dedicated nurse

Immediately after the operation, you will be taken to the recovery room where you will be observed before you can go home. We believe that this time is important as it is the first step to recovery. Although you will probably sleep, you will not be left alone. You will have a nurse next to you when you rest to make sure you are well.

Sick leave

After your operation, it is important to recover at home, we therefore give you a sick leave of two weeks which you give to your workplace.

Consultation before Brazilian butt lift

The first step towards your new butt is a consultation with your surgeon. The meeting usually takes an hour and is the best way to assess whether you are a suitable candidate for a Brazilian butt lift. The consultation will involve an examination of your body with special focus on the hips, abdomen and buttocks. Your surgeon will look for suitable areas for your liposuction. They will also look at your overall body shape to assess how the best possible results can be achieved. You can also talk to your surgeon about any problems you are experiencing and discuss your ultimate goals with the surgery.

Your surgeon will also review your medical history and any risks to see if you are a suitable candidate. To be a suitable candidate, you must meet certain criteria. Because the surgery uses fat cells from your own body, you must have enough for the surgeon to remove. The most common areas are the lower back and fat deposits around the waist. This also helps to highlight your new butt. The very best patients are slightly overweight, preferably around 10-15 kilos over their ideal body weight. You need to have that much extra fat as much of what is moved to the buttocks will be absorbed and disappear. Exactly how much it is depends on your healing process. For this reason, some patients may need more than one procedure to achieve their desired result.

In addition to having enough fat, you also need to have space on your butt. If there is not enough space, it can put extra pressure on the fat cells, which means that less of the moved fat survives. It can also lead to serious complications that require medical treatment. That is why it is so important that your first consultation is thorough. Fortunately, you will be able to talk to the surgeon who will perform the procedure on you, so you can feel confident that you will get the right answers to your questions.

Estetikcentrum doctors


Recovery after your buttock augmentation

The most important thing during the recovery process is the surgeon's recommendations for sitting. You will not be able to sit or lie on your back for at least three weeks after the operation. If you sit on your butt when it heals, you can damage the fat that is desperately trying to create a new home for itself. Blood vessels can not form in the new fat, which causes them to die out and create uneven results. You can sit with a pillow under your thighs to lift your buttocks and not sit for more than ten minutes at a time. You need to sleep on your stomach or side.

Recovering from a Brazilian butt lift also involves compression garments. These help even out the areas from which fat was taken, without putting any pressure on your butt. It is important that you carefully follow your surgeon's instructions.

Exactly how long it takes before you heal depends on how big the procedure was and on your own body, but most people can return to work within a week, if the job does not involve a lot of sitting. If you have an office job, you may have to wait three weeks - sometimes longer. Most can gradually return to normal activities over 4-8 weeks. With that said, it is also important to remember that the healing process is not complete even after you return to work. In fact, it can take 3-4 months for the final result to be fully visible. Be patient, your new butt is on its way!

The results

As everyone's backs are different, and thanks to the flexibility of Brazilian room magnification, the results of two patients will never be the same. You can generally expect a firmer, more protruding and attractive butt. Most people achieve the result they want, but a second procedure may sometimes be necessary. One of the advantages of the procedure is that the incisions made are very small. Once they have healed, your scars will be so small that they are almost invisible.

The Brazilian butt augmentation focuses on reshaping your body by removing unwanted fat from other parts of the body and placing it on the buttocks resulting in a nicer overall figure. The technology gives volume and a more youthful shape and a nicer look. Our patients love their new looks!

Book a consultation with us

If you have questions or concerns regarding a buttock augmentation, you are welcome to contact us. We are there for you and are happy to answer questions about the procedure, prices, waiting time and other questions you have. Do not hesitate to contact us for an initial and unconditional consultation!

Here you book an appointment online for consultation with our specialists. With us, you always have the opportunity to choose a female surgeon.

You can also call us on 040-65 66 660.

A warm welcome to us at Estetikcentrum in Malmö for a Brazilian Butt lift!

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When a major life change is to be proceeded, it can be irritating, but also frightening at the same time! We at Estetikcentrum want to make your journey towards a changed life as smooth as possible. A consultation is for you to be able to ask questions, talk about your thoughts and together with your surgeon come to the best decision for you. What is considered the right choice always varies according to your wishes and your body's anatomy, which makes the consultation incredibly important! At Estetikcentrum, we value honesty and are transparent about the process so you can feel safe.

When you book a consultation with us at Estetikcentrum in Malmö, you will receive comprehensive information from expert staff. We guide you to a good decision based on your conditions and the result you are looking for. There is a lot to keep in mind with every operation and treatment, which can affect what we recommend for you. We would never perform an operation or treatment that we ourselves do not perceive as safe or achievable!

Let us be your safe partner on your journey towards a changed life!

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