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Breast reduction

Reach your desired bust size with a breast reduction

Do you have problems with heavy breasts or do they think they are too big for your body? Whatever the reason, our specialists will help you achieve the result you want.

Breast reduction at Estetikcentrum in Malmö

A breast reduction is a surgical procedure that is performed for both aesthetic and medical reasons. With the operation, you can create a finer and more well-balanced bust while reducing the load that large, heavy breasts mean for the body.

part from the emotional and social limitations that a very large and sagging bust often causes, it can also involve medical problems such as back pain and breathing problems. These are caused by the extra weight many of our patients carry on their chest.

If you suffer from back pain, skin irritation, deformed bones, depressions on the shoulders due to your bra straps, or difficulty breathing properly, then it is time to consider a breast reduction.

Exempel på före- och efter en bröstförminskning.

Before and after examples of breast reduction

Pictures before and after breast reduction

Before your own procedure, it can be good to have an image of how you want your breasts to look, but trying to imagine the result after a breast reduction can be difficult! By seeing other individuals' before and after pictures of their breast reductions, you can get an idea of what you are looking for. However, while watching others' transformations, you need to keep in mind that we are all so incredibly different! Bodies are not alike, and this also means that breast reduction differs from one person to another. Together with your surgeon, you will be able to choose what suits your body best to get the breasts you want after your breast reduction in Malmö.


Breast reduction

47 years old woman, 1 child, is seeking breast reduction due to large and heavy breasts. Wants smaller size than what she has as well as harmony and in proportion to her physique.


Breast reduction

40 years old woman who wants smaller size than she has as well as harmony and in proportion to her physique.

Plastikkirurgi i Malmö | Estetikcentrum
Plastikkirurgi i Malmö | Estetikcentrum

Breast reduction

49 years old woman

Plastikkirurgi i Malmö | Estetikcentrum
Plastikkirurgi i Malmö | Estetikcentrum

Breast reduction

49 years old woman


  • You must meet certain requirements to qualify for a breast reduction, including large breasts that are troublesome.
  • The procedure results in less pain in parts of your body that were previously affected by heavy breasts.
  • Breast reduction can affect the possibility of breastfeeding - we are happy to tell you more during your consultation.

We have:

  • A team with great expertise that is by your side until you wake up after the operation.
  • Many satisfied customers who have undergone a breast reduction in Malmö with us!
  • Both male and female surgeons

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Estetikcentrum on breast reduction

Dr. Ali Bagher is an experienced aesthetic surgeon, a member of the Swedish Surgical Association, who is passionate about the artistic that the profession offers. Since 2016, he has been active at Estetikcentrum, but before that has several years of experience in both aesthetic surgery, general surgery and world-class research that makes him an exceptionally experienced and skilled surgeon.

Watch your operation in 3D

This animated video shows an approximate description of the operation. Minor differences may occur in reality, based on the surgeon's experienced assessment at each individual operation.

Created specifically for women with large, heavy breasts, a breast reduction removes fat, extra skin and other tissues from the breasts to make them smaller, lighter and firmer. The goal is to create a new breast size and shape that is more proportional to your body. Your breasts also look more and look more youthful, similar to the results you get with a breast lift. Asymmetrical shapes and / or sizes can also be corrected. According to a study by Dr. Remi Goulart, Jr., et al. in Reduction mammoplasty improves body posture and decreases the perception of pain, this more proportionate physique leads to better posture and significantly less pain in the neck, back, shoulders and arms.

Plastikkirurgi i Malmö | Estetikcentrum


Before your breast reduction can be planned, you will have to see your surgeon. During this first meeting, the surgeon will assess whether you are a suitable candidate for a breast reduction. This assessment includes a physical examination to ensure that the procedure is safe for you. You may also need a mammogram if you are over 40 years old. This is to ensure that there are no abnormal changes in tissues.

In general, if you are in relatively good health and have large breasts, you are probably a good candidate for the procedure. The ideal candidate has large, sagging breasts that get in the way during everyday activities and create general pain and discomfort. Breast reduction is usually only recommended for mature women who have fully developed breasts but can also be performed on younger patients, especially if the breasts pose serious health problems. Unfortunately, it is best to wait with surgery if you are breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed. The procedure can make breastfeeding difficult and even impossible.

During the initial consultation, your surgeon can explain the differences between breast lift and breast reduction. The procedures are similar but there are important differences. If your breasts are not too big but they still hang, you can instead be suitable for a breast lift. If, on the other hand, your goal is to reduce your size, breast reduction may be best for you.

Plastikkirurgi i Malmö | Estetikcentrum


Immediately after the procedure, your breasts will be bruised, swollen and uncomfortable for a few days. But the pain is not too bad. Painkillers that your surgeon prescribes will help you further. After a few days, you can take off the bandage, but you will need to wear a sports bra or other compression garment for 4-6 weeks. This helps you keep swelling down and helps the breasts to heal properly in their new form.

Most take a week off from work. During this time, it is good to limit activities as much as possible. Stay home, watch TV, read a good book. Take small walks to keep your blood circulation going. It is important to give your body the time it needs to heal properly. It is not always easy to pause your life, but the more relaxed you are, the better. You will experience better end results!

After about two weeks of rest or low activity level, you can start exercising gently. Stick to walking and other low-intensity exercises, but do not train your upper body, run or high-intensity forms of exercise for at least a month after the operation.

It is not uncommon for some patients to lose the feeling in the nipples after the procedure, so do not be afraid. This happens due to the swellings and how the nerves have been affected and usually disappears when the swellings subside and the nerves are repaired in the next few months. In some cases, the numbness can last for 1-2 years, and in the worst case, they become permanent.

One visit

A different life


Plastikkirurgi i Malmö | Estetikcentrum

Unfortunately, scars will form after a breast reduction. At first they look red and clumsy. Expect a thin scar around the nipple and down towards the fold of the breast. A horizontal scar will be present in the breast fold. This may sound like a lot but our patients have never had serious problems with scars thanks to our preventative steps to reduce them. We use advanced techniques to reduce the formation of scars. You can also:

  • Wear your sports bra recommended by your surgeon.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Drink plenty of water during and after recovery.
  • Obey orders from the surgeon.
  • Stick to a healthy diet.
  • Gently massage the scars from time to time.

Even if the scars are permanent, many women get a good exchange in the form of less pain and discomfort, as well as a better appearance after their procedure. Our patients very rarely complain of scars as they usually fade quickly. We can also give you silicone tape to speed up the process.

Your results

Breast reduction offers direct and dramatic results. The procedure leads to less pain in the back, shoulders and other discomfort that can be experienced with too large and heavy breasts. Your breasts become smaller and more proportionate. The change gives you confidence and a better quality of life. Our patients often talk about how amazing the changes are. They love not only that their clothes fit better but also that they have more choices. Our patients are more satisfied with their appearance and all the other benefits the procedure brings.


Here you book an appointment online for consultation with our specialists. The operation can be performed by a female surgeon if desired.

You can also call us on 040-65 66 660.

A warm welcome to us at Estetikcentrum!



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When a major life change is to be proceeded, it can be irritating, but also frightening at the same time! We at Estetikcentrum want to make your journey towards a changed life as smooth as possible. A consultation is for you to be able to ask questions, talk about your thoughts and together with your surgeon come to the best decision for you. What is considered the right choice always varies according to your wishes and your body's anatomy, which makes the consultation incredibly important! At Estetikcentrum, we value honesty and are transparent about the process so you can feel safe.

Vanliga frågor


How long does a breast reduction take?

The procedure usually takes between 1-5 hours. The bigger the change, the longer it takes.

What is breast reduction with breast lift?

Breast reduction with breast lift both reduces the breasts and reshapes them so that they stand out more. A breast lift is often performed at the same time as a breast reduction. If a breast lift is performed as the only procedure, it is not to make the breasts smaller. 

What is breast reduction?

Breast reduction is a surgical procedure that reduces the size of the breasts by removing tissues. The breasts are also reshaped to make them more prominent rather than drooping.

When do the scars fade?

It can take up to a year before they have completely faded. During the first months, they are red and firm, but with proper care, they will gradually fade and become thin, silvery lines that are barely visible.

When you book a consultation with us at Estetikcentrum in Malmö, you will receive comprehensive information from expert staff. We guide you to a good decision based on your conditions and the result you are looking for. There is a lot to keep in mind with every operation and treatment, which can affect what we recommend for you. We would never perform an operation or treatment that we ourselves do not perceive as safe or achievable!

Let us be your safe partner on your journey towards a changed life!

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