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Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery

In our state of the art clinic we perform aesthetic surgery and plastic surgery with care and high quality. Apply to us if you have a desire to improve or redesign your face or figure with the help of a cosmetic surgery. Whatever the reason, your investment in your exterior is something that we see as being important to you. The team at the Aesthetic Center has highly specialized skills combined with proven methods in their fields. Our common goal is to provide you with a service that lasts for many years.

Choose a reputable clinic for your beauty surgery

In Sweden there are 25,000 cosmetic surgeries performed annually and of those, women account for about 85 percent. The number of men who get operated is increasing. Most commonly, the patients are in the age range of 25-45. Commonplace cosmetic surgeries are:

– Liposuction thighs, stomach and arms
– Breast Augmentations (Women)
– Eye lid surgery
– Neck lifts
– Hair transplants
– Butt lift (Brazilian butt lift)

Cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery is performed primarily for aesthetic reasons. The aim is to improve the appearance with the aid of surgical operation. It is especially common for women who have passed their 40s and suffer from sagging breasts, unwanted hair, wrinkles, sagging buttocks and other nuisances. It is also common for women who experience problems with hanging breasts and stomach after pregnancy. This can easily lead to depression and malaise. But with exercise, you can often get a lot done to get back your slimmer and more youthful body. If the training does not help, or takes too much time, a cosmetic surgery tends to be a very good option. With cosmetic surgery you determine, to a large extent, for how long you want to keep your youthful and fresh appearance.

Choose a reputable clinic for your beauty surgery

Choose a reputable clinic for your beauty surgery. A cosmetic surgery is a fairly large investment that you obviously want to get your money’s worth for. It may be to be free from bodily complex that affects your self-esteem. A reputable and experienced player in cosmetic surgery should among other things be able to give you answers to:

– If you are a suitable candidate for a cosmetic surgery – what results you can expect from the surgery – what options and choices are right in your unique case – What the risks and discomfort associated with your surgery are – How long convalescence time and sick leave is necessary – how much the operation will cost and when it can be done

Our clinic can also show you the before and after pictures of the operation. It is important that at the initial consultation you have confidence in the clinic you have chosen. Here at the Esthetic Center, we work hard for you as a patient to feel safe and well looked after. We are, of course, liability insured and work with the latest technologies in cosmetic surgery in order to get as safe and good results as possible. Customer satisfaction is essential for us to maintain and develop our business.

Beauty Surgery – your choice

Many people dream of a perfect figure and a completely symmetrical face. For women, the hourglass figure is something of a desirable ideal – that is, a slim waist with distinctive hips and bust. But few of us are born with this figure. It’s your choice if you want to help nature along and create or re-create a more beautiful and more youthful appearance. We know from experience that cosmetic surgery often enhances self-esteem. We can’t stop the aging process, but the path can be elongated and more enjoyable with the help of our modern cosmetic techniques.

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