Prices for treatments

Prices for treatments at Estetikcentrum

For volume, wrinkle reduction or undesireable sweating. Fat Freezing.

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Fillers (Hyaluronic acid) Price
Face / Lip enhancement
Juvéderm / Restylane / Stylage 1 ml 2500 kr
Juvéderm / Restylane / Stylage 0,5 ml 1800 kr
B-toxin (Vistabel / Azzalure) Price
One area 2000 kr
Two areas 2500 kr
Three areas 2900 kr
Mesoterapi Price
Mesoterapi 1500 kr
Skinbooster Price
Skinbooster 1ml 1900 kr
Skinbooster 2ml 2500 kr
PRP (Plasma treatment) Price
PRP Per treatment 4000 kr
Migraine treatment (B-toxin) Price
Migraine treathment 5000 kr
Sweat Treatment (B-toxin) Price
Sweat Treatment (armpits / palms) 3500 kr
Fat Freezing (Coolsculpting) Price
We tailor your treatment plan based on your needs. During the visit, a plan is made for how many treatments are needed.
Small area 4900 kr
Large area 8900 kr
Stomach, Love handles, Thighs, BH calluses, Arms, Gynecomastia
Neostrata Express 30 min 495 kr
Neostrata Classic 60 min 795 kr
Neostrata Eyetreatment 60 min 495 kr
Retinol Peeling 45 min 1495 kr
Skin rejuvenation De Luxe 60 min 2500 kr
Microneedeling 2000 kr
tinting of lashes and brows 275 kr
Tinting of lashes or brows 225 kr
Tinting of lashes and brows incl. Shaping 395 kr
Tinting of lashes and brows 325 kr
Tinting of lashes / Tinting of brows incl. Shaping 275 kr
Brow shaping / wax of upper lip / chin 195 kr
Local treatment 15 395 kr
Backtreatment 60 695 kr
IPL - Permanent hair removal Price
Recommendation: For hair removal, at least 6 times at 6-8 week intervals for the best results. In case of repeated treatments, a 10% discount is given.
Face 1495 kr
Neck 995 kr
Upper lip 495 kr
Upper lip & Chin 995 kr
Bikini Line 995 kr
Brazilian 1995 kr
Lower leg 1495 kr
Whole leg 2725 kr
Back 3495 kr
Armpit 845 kr
Breasts and stomach 2945 kr
Butt 1495 kr
Stomach String 495 kr
Forearms 1495 kr
Whole arms 2495 kr
Hands 645 kr
Feet 645 kr
Single Strings 295 kr
IPL - Skin Rejuvenation and pigment Price
Face 1495 kr
Cleavage 1495 kr
Hand backs (pigment) 495 kr
IPL - Vascular Price
Individual vasculars 650 kr
Cheeks 795 kr
Face 1495 kr
Cleavage 995 kr
Refine RF+ Price
Face 895
Neck 795
Cleavage 895
Eye 495
PACKAGE ( Face, neck, cleavage) 1995
Derma Roller Price
Derma Roller Per treatment 1990 kr

Part pay your treatment

0 kr

50 000 kr

Loan kr

Pay approximately kr/month

You can loan up to 200 000 kr at Medical Finance

Apply for a loan by visiting the Medical Finance website at

Interest 0%. Efficient interest rate according to KoV guidelines for a loan of 50,000 SEK, 24 months repayment, arrangement fee about 695 SEK, administration fee approximately 45 kr/month, will be about 3.42%. Variation may occur depending on credit companies and loan products.

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